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Wide Leg Pants Love | Review of Kendrick Pants

I have learned over the years that I can’t determine whether I will like a pattern based on my ideas of what will look good on my body.  We are not neutral about our bodies even if we love and accept our bodies for what they are, we will still always see the ‘flaws’ and how a pattern may accentuate those flaws.  High waisted wide leg pants were definitely a pattern I wasn’t convinced I would like on my body.

Montlake Tee Re-Release

Nearly 4 years ago I released my Montlake tee pattern and I was so incredibly proud of the pattern I created, I still am because my testers and I worked really hard to get the fit just right.  I loved everything about the pattern, it was everything I want in a tee and I just knew others would feel the same way.  I was really proud of the size range I had, not many indie pattern companies at the time spanned 0-24.  But as we all know things change and  I began to realize about a year ago that my pattern was not nearly as inclusive as I thought, mainly because I was near the top of my own pattern at the hips.  And if I was pushing the top of my size range, then there were many women who would never get the chance to sew my patterns, and I am not okay with that.

Secret Pants | Review of Winslow Culottes

This weekend is a big family wedding, the last of my 7 siblings to get married.  Family weddings are pretty much the best day ever.  You get to hang with your favourite people, drink, eat yummy food, and dance the night away.  Considering there are now going to be 32 of us in my immediate family, we have a pretty great party.

The wedding is on the Washington coast which tends to be cooler and most likely either raining or grey so the usual summer dress and sandals might not work.  Thankfully my brother and his soon to be bride said that the dress code is Northwest Casual so my thought immediately went to culottes, basically the perfect secret pants.

Phinney Ridge Tester Roundup Part 2

I hope you found a bunch of inspiration in the first half of the tester roundup.  Make sure to click over and read it if you haven’t already.

Lets jump right in to the last half of my lovely Phinney Ridge testers.  And don’t forget to grab your copy of the pattern while it is marked down to $8.

Lanita really showed the versatility of this pattern with her version.  Not only did she try out some solid sleeves with a patterned  body, but she showed how great it is for work.  So if you have an office to go to every day, this is a perfect garment for that.

Marigold Dress

Since participating in Me Made May this year I have been finding all kinds of clothes that I sewed up over the last 6 months that never made it here on the blog.  It has been fun to rediscover everything and actually take the time to photograph it for all of you.

This Marigold Dress by Blank Slate Patterns is a sample that I sewed up for Indiesew and knew almost immediately that I was going to love it for the spring and summer.  The fabric is such a lovely rayon that flows so it will be great when it starts getting warmer.

Chambray Cheyenne Shirt

A button up shirt is pretty much a wardrobe staple and I have been dying to make one forever!  I just knew it would be a wonderful layer to take me through the spring, summer and fall here in Seattle.  My conclusion is that everyone also needs a chambray shirt in their wardrobe.

Chambray Cheyenne Shirt sewn by Straight Stitch Designs

I originally made this shirt for the photoshoot of my plaid Wedgwood skirt and then never actually took it off long enough to blog about it.  Seriously, I would probably wear this every day if I didn’t start getting looks.

Chambray Cheyenne Shirt sewn by Straight Stitch Designs

High Waisted and Loving It

I have never really been a skirt person.  I want so badly to like skirts but I just find I am so much more comfortable in pants, jeans in particular.  So when I signed up to sew a sample of the Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen for Indiesew I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it.  Even after sewing it I was still on the fence about whether it would even look good on my body, because I have a bit of junk in the trunk and there was a whole lot of fabric happening with this skirt.


Getting Ready for Fall

It’s like a great big fall love fest around here, can you tell I am just a little bit excited for the weather to change.  Seattle is absolutely hands down the best place in the world to be in the fall, but I may be a bit biased.

With the release of the Fall Collection by Indiesew it really got me into fall mode so why not go all fall and share with you another way I am getting ready for fall, the Sophie Cardi by Muse Patterns.


Comfy, Cozy and Stylish

It’s no secret that I am all about upgrading the mommy wardrobe but still being completely functional.  I do not have time in my life to sew up clothes that I will never wear again, everything I sew has to have a purpose in my wardrobe or it’s not happening.

Kaysie of kzjo’studio has been a tester of mine on a few different occasions and so I was completely disappointed when I couldn’t help her test her newest pattern, the Eleanor Cardigan.  But lucky for me Kaysie asked if I would be interested in sewing one up and telling all you about it, so here we are.

Uptown Downtown Dress – Pattern Tour

Today I am joining the pattern blog tour for the Uptown/Downtown Dress by Terri of Sew Straight and Gather and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have been following along with Terri as she was creating this dress using the Pattern Workshop Course (affiliate link) we are both in and jumped at the chance to be a part of her blog tour.  Sophie is always requesting new dresses and I knew that the twirl factor of this dress would be right up Sophie’s alley.