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Comfy Running Around Shorts

Growing up with 2 sisters all I ever knew was girls.  When I got pregnant with Sophie I knew without a doubt that I was having a girl.  I just always pictured myself with girls, at least 2 but maybe even 4.  Clearly that was the no kids person talking, because reality is 2 kids is enough 🙂

When I got pregnant with Benny I knew without a doubt that it was a boy.  Before we found out the sex I tried to convince myself that it was a girl but knew deep down that wasn’t the case.  Don’t get me wrong I was so excited but still surprised I was actually having a boy.

Sewing When Sick…

As any stay at home parent can attest, when you are sick you rarely get time off.  A few weeks ago we were going to go on a last minute trip up to Vancouver to see my brother and sister in law.  The night before we left, which was about 5 hours after we decided to go I came down with a nasty cold.  The kind of cold where all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch tv.

Mommy Uniform Upgrade

The more I get to know Lauren Dahl the more I am blown away by her.  As I talked about in my big reveal post about my newest hobby Lauren is busy running a blog, a course for creating pdf patterns AND she is also designing patterns for her label Selvage Designs (affiliate link), she is a busy lady who clearly loves what she is doing.  Her newest pattern, the Foxglove Tank was released yesterday as a pre-order through Indie Sew and I had the pleasure of being one of her testers.


70’s are Calling

Fabric shopping with kids is always so much fun.  Kids have a vision for fabric that I may never have had, as example Sophie picked out the fabric in this dress and the end result was so great.  She still gets compliments from strangers every time she wears it.  I can’t take too much credit for it since I only did the sewing.

Recently we went shopping for some swimsuit fabric and Sophie insisted on getting shiny gold fabric to make Ben a swimsuit.  So when the test call went out for Peek-a-boo Patterns new pattern Monaco Swim Trunks (affiliate link), I knew Ben would rock that pattern in gold.  Now all Benny needs is a gold chain and aviators and his look will be complete.

Luau in Seattle

I have been very busy testing patterns: Girls dresses, boys swim shorts and women’s shirts and dresses.  My favourite part of testing is when the patterns start to release and I get to share what I made with the pattern.  Today I am sharing with you my version of the Sweet Simple Dress by Allison of Freshly Completed.


More and more I let Sophie pick the fabric for clothes I am making her.  I would rather spend the time making something that she is likely to actually wear than have to fight her into it.  When this testing pattern came along, I brought Sophie into my sewing room and let her pick the fabric.  Once the dress was made it seemed like she should be in Hawaii at a Luau instead of a traffic circle in Seattle.

Is this print too big? Schoolboy Vest Test

When it comes to picking the right fabric for a pattern sometimes the process is easy and other times you begin to question whether your vision is going to work in reality.  My recent test of the Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado in Sophie’s size was exactly one of those times where I started to doubt the awesomeness that I had envisioned.

Sophie has pretty clear wishes when it comes to the fabric for clothes I will be making her.  No surprise that has resulted in most of her clothes being either pink or with pink in them.  Because I can only sew so many pink things I decided to try and branch out and incorporate at least one of her other loves, flowers.

Pattern Test – Janey Jump Around

As I am working my way through my patterns to test them out and see which ones I like and which ones are not going to be a part of my shop, I came across one of the newest patterns by Amy of Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.

Let me just say that she has done it again and released another amazing free pattern.  She has so many great patterns available but I love that she creates a new pattern every year to offer free to all of her fans.  All you have to do is subscribe to her newsletter and you can download the pattern.  Seriously, go check it out you will not be disappointed with the quality of pattern she is offering.