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Fabric Friday – Indiesew

I am so glad that everyone is enjoying Fabric Friday as much as I am.  I get such a kick out of searching through a stores inventory to find the fabrics I love and then thinking about the patterns on the market that would compliment the pattern best.  To read past Fabric Friday posts head here.

Allie of Indiesew has been a part of my business journey from the beginning and every chance I get to shout my praise of her and her business I take.  For those of you unfamiliar with Indiesew it is an online community for the modern sewist.  There are indie sewing patterns, a creations section where you can upload your makes for others to see, and a blog full of super useful tips.  

Marigold Dress

Since participating in Me Made May this year I have been finding all kinds of clothes that I sewed up over the last 6 months that never made it here on the blog.  It has been fun to rediscover everything and actually take the time to photograph it for all of you.

This Marigold Dress by Blank Slate Patterns is a sample that I sewed up for Indiesew and knew almost immediately that I was going to love it for the spring and summer.  The fabric is such a lovely rayon that flows so it will be great when it starts getting warmer.

One Pattern Two Ways

I don’t think I have ever mentioned here that I have been sewing samples for my friend Allie of Indiesew for the last year.  I remember when she emailed me about it, I couldn’t respond fast enough because really, who doesn’t love working with a super great lady while also sewing fun patterns.  If you haven’t checked out their website you should head there now, I will wait…

It’s pretty fantastic, eh?

Nervous to Sew with Leather? Me too…

Over the last few years I have witnessed some amazing leather projects from fellow sewers and bloggers, but to actually sew with leather myself always seemed beyond my ability.  It wasn’t until I saw the post back in December by Allie over at Indiesew on her version of the Senna Tote with a leather bottom and straps.  And for the first time I thought that maybe I could actually do that.

Bag Lady

One of my goals for the year is to really stretch my sewing knowledge and ability.  I know each project isn’t going to be a success but I hope to learn from the mistakes and make mistakes better on the next one.

You will see lots of zipper projects this year, I am just rubbish at zippers.  It’s sort of funny that my first sewing pattern, Ravenna, has a zipper in it.  I have mastered that zipper but on all other patterns I can’t sew in a zipper correctly to save my life 🙂


Perfect West Coast Accessory

I am pretty much convinced that there is no better place to live than the West Coast of the US and Canada.  Some may disagree (like my husband) but you really can’t beat the amazing weather we get.  Our Fall is crisp and clean with rain and grey to cuddle up and relax and our winter is cold without the snow but still the occasional beautiful sunny day.  The key for all seasons in this part of the world is layering and a great scarf can be used for at least three of the seasons.

Fall Collection with Indiesew

Today I am teaming up with Indiesew who last week launched a curated collection of 6 indie patterns that be mixed and matched to create a fall wardrobe.  These pieces are all amazing in their own right but when paired together you really are set for the fall and beyond.  Who doesn’t love a great collection of patterns, especially patterns that can all work together giving you so many different options.


Fall is by far hands down my favourite season of the year.  I absolutely love the crisp air and the falling leaves and I may be partial but I am pretty sure that there is no better place to be than the Pacific Northwest in the fall.