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I am pretty much convinced that there is no better place to live than the West Coast of the US and Canada.  Some may disagree (like my husband) but you really can’t beat the amazing weather we get.  Our Fall is crisp and clean with rain and grey to cuddle up and relax and our winter is cold without the snow but still the occasional beautiful sunny day.  The key for all seasons in this part of the world is layering and a great scarf can be used for at least three of the seasons.

I am a super fan of the infinity scarf, as in I probably have a dozen in rotation but end up always wearing the flannel one I made last year.  The one thing that was always sort of lacking with a scarf is the ability for it to double as a hood in a pinch.

Recently while perusing my favourite pattern website Indiesew *I should be honest I just went to get the link so all of you can visit the site and then proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes reading the blog and looking at the patterns, you definitely need to go have a look.

Okay where was I…  Oh yeah so when I was having my daily look through Indiesew to see if there are any new patterns I came across the Nuna Hood Scarf by Named Clothing.  I knew in that instant it had to be mine.

I purchased it printed it out and before nap time was over I had the most cozy reversible flannel scarf with a hood!


The scarf is long enough to wrap around your neck a few times and tie at the front.  It gives you the perfect amount of fabric to stay warm without feeling bulky.  Best part is that when you pull the hood down it still looks great as a regular scarf.


Shortly after making the red and grey version I posted it on Instagram because I am a bit of an overgramer on Instagram and everyone loved the scarf as much as me.  My fellow west coast peeps know good accessories when they see them.

I though hey why not make a faux fur and suede versions for when it gets really cold in Seattle.  What I quickly realized though is that our weather is not quite appropriate for that kind of scarf because I was super hot within about 10 minutes of putting it on for pictures at the christmas tree farm.  So off I shipped it to my friend Jess at If Only They Would Nap, she will definitely get use out of it in those cold Wisconsin winters.


If you can’t tell by now I am OBSESSED with this pattern!  At some point I will have to stop making them but that time isn’t now.  For my third Nuna Hood I went with this super soft wool I have had for ages.  I have no idea where I got it but I do know it was the perfect fabric for this scarf, and it doesn’t get more classic than a wool black and white small checked scarf.


I went with the same fabric for both sides of the scarf and couldn’t be happier with the results.  I also decided to add 3 metal and resin snaps to the front for a slightly different look.


The hood on this pattern is great because it gives you full coverage to the base of your neck while also coming all the way forward on the front.


This version like the rest also looks great down as a regular scarf.


I hope I have done a great job of convincing you to get this pattern.  Everyone needs a hooded scarf in their accessories collection and this one is a super easy to sew scarf that leaves you with a great finished product.


  1. Erin says:

    Hi there, I love the variations you’ve created! I am in the process of making my own and ran into an issue. It seems the 5/8 of a yard is about half as much fabric as needed. Am I totally losing my mind?! I got 1 yard and found myself needing another half yard as I could only fit 3 full pieces on it…

  2. Erin says:

    Ha! I just discovered the issue. I was going by what Indie Sew says on their site, not on the pattern. Doh! Also, hi from Seattle 🙂

  3. Cherie Hagen says:

    Hi Erin,
    Apparently Indiesew no longer has the pattern available. Is there are way I can get this pattern elsewhere, or from you? I love the Hooded Nuna Scarf!

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