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Phinney Ridge Duster Cardi

Who knew I would love a duster cardi as much as I love this Phinney Ridge duster cardi.  I just keep looking at the pictures and am surprised I like it so much.  I am convinced it’s the amazing loose weave sweater knit I picked up at Joann Fabrics.  It gives it such a light flowy look that suits my body shape so much.

When I designed the Phinney Ridge I was going for a classic cardi that was missing in the indie pattern market.  What I didn’t even consider was how it could easily be made into a long or extra long cardi with just a few alterations.  So today I am sharing the alterations you need to do to lengthen your Phinney Ridge into any length, although I would encourage a duster length!

Simple Modern Ravenna

Every time I go back to make my first pattern, Ravenna, I remember just how much I really like it.  While the original version has such fun and flirty details my style has evolved over the last 2 years and so today I wanted to share with you my new favourite version, the Simple Modern Ravenna.

In order to get the simple modern look I was going for I knew it would mean leaving off all the additional details from the original pattern.  That means no zipper, ruffles or sleeve cuffs.  Pared down to clean lines I find myself grabbing for this top all the time.

Cold Shoulder Montlake

Somehow I became the 30 something mom who sees a trend but by the time I get around to it all the ‘cool kids’ have moved onto something new.  I am pretty sure that is exactly the case with this cold shoulder Montlake.

I had no real interest in making one for myself but then I went and saw this cold shoulder Bellevue remix by Becca of Free Notion and just had to give it a try with my Montlake.

A photo posted by Becca DuVal (@beccaduvalphoto) on

Summer Swimwear Tour

I feel like I haven’t sewn for my kiddos in forever, other than a few sets of pajamas that is pretty much true.  So when I was asked to join the Summer Swimwear Tour I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to sew some swimsuits for the kids.  My big plans of sewing swimsuits for both kids turned into just a swimsuit for Sophie, which turned out pretty darn cute.  Benny will get one eventually #secondkidproblems

Carkeek Remix

One of my favourite things to do is take one of my patterns and make a couple changes to get something new.  The Carkeek that I am sharing with you today is really filling a hole in my wardrobe, lightweight layer for cool summer evenings.  And with just a couple changes to the pattern as written you have what I am calling my Carkeek remix.

As you hopefully already know, the Carkeek dress is a free pattern available in 4 sizes that is available for download here.

Remix to the free Carkeek pattern by Straight Stitch Designs


Skirt Turned Luna Pants

My mother in law Linda is joining us on the blog today for a look at the fun refashion I did for her while she was visiting this weekend.

While getting ready for an upcoming move she found an old wrap skirt that Sean had gotten for her on one of his trips years ago.  While she liked the skirt, it is just too windy in Victoria for a wrap skirt so she asked if I could make it into some comfy pants.  Here is my take on a skirt turned Luna Pants.

Skirt Turned Luna Pants by Straight Stitch Designs

Montlake Neckline Alternative

The neckline binding on my Greenwood pattern is still one of my favourite finishes for knit, I use it any chance I get.  I love how clean it looks and definitely has the RTW look that many sewists want out of their handmade garments.  As I was putting together the paper pattern for my Montlake pattern I realized I needed to add a couple pages so that I wasn’t forced to have blank pages within the pattern booklet.  So not only are the people who buy the paper pattern going to get this information but I also wanted to show all of you a Montlake neckline alternative.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to sew up my favourite tee with my favourite neckline finish.