Montlake with Side Slits

It’s no secret that I love my tee pattern, Montlake.  When I designed it I was really aiming for a closet staple that could be made in any knit fabric and modified easily to better fit your body and style.  I have already shared how I modified the pattern to be made as a tunic and a maternity tee, today though I am sharing with you a Montlake with side slits!

Montlake Tee Modification from Straight Stitch Designs

I have been seeing tees in this style all over the internet and social media so when I spied one a couple weeks ago I knew I needed to make it my weekend project.  The end result is exactly what I had pictured.  It is really such an easy modification that could be used on any pattern, but I especially like it with the swingy hem of the Montlake.

Montlake Tee Modification from Straight Stitch Designs

The steps for this modification are surprisingly easy, basically two small changes in construction and you are left with a fun new look.

1. After attaching the sleeves you will finish the raw edge of the sleeves and side seams.  Do not sew them together at this point.

2. Take a pin and mark a point 8″ up from the bottom hem on both sides.  You can adjust this measurement depending on the look you are going for.

3. With right sides together sew the sleeve and side seam with a zig zag or stretch stitch until you reach the pin from the previous step.

4. Fold the seam allowance to the wrong side of the shirt along the side slit and topstitch around the opening.  Repeat with the other side.

5. The rest of the construction is the same as the instructions are written.  The only additional style change for this top is is if you would like to have the back slightly longer than the front.  To do this you would just hem the front piece an additional 1/2″.

There you have it, your own Montlake with side slits.

Montlake Tee Modification from Straight Stitch Designs


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