Cold Shoulder Montlake

Somehow I became the 30 something mom who sees a trend but by the time I get around to it all the ‘cool kids’ have moved onto something new.  I am pretty sure that is exactly the case with this cold shoulder Montlake.

I had no real interest in making one for myself but then I went and saw this cold shoulder Bellevue remix by Becca of Free Notion and just had to give it a try with my Montlake.

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With no real plan in mind I went to my sewing room and found my stash of partially finished Montlake tees and started cutting off the shoulders.  Sounds totally crazy but I have at least 12 partially finished Montlakes from the testing process so it was good for them to get used again.  Thankfully after only a couple shoulders I had arrived at the basic shape I wanted for the shoulder, not too open but enough that it made a statement.

Cold Shoulder Montlake

I am going to admit that this whole shirt started out as just a muslin of my idea, but then it really started coming together and I knew I had to share it with you.

When I started hacking the shoulders off of my test Montlakes I was getting a much more structured look, which was the look I was originally going for.  Much to my surprise when this rayon jersey version was finished and the sleeves were much more drapey than before, I realized I loved this even more.  Sometimes you just have happy accidents.

Cold Shoulder Montlake

The stripes make this shirt a whole lot of crazy, but I am totally digging it.  I am already picturing it paired with the distressed Turia Dungarees I have planned.  For now I will keep pairing it with my trusty cuffed skinny jeans and favourite ankle boots.


The best part of this top is that it looks so fun from all angles.  The more I look at these pictures the more I like the top.  And while I won’t make a whole closet of them I do enjoy having a little sass mixed into my wardrobe.  You can only have so many basics before you just want something different.  The best part about this remix is that it didn’t require me to buy a new pattern, I could just work with what I had and let my vision take over.


If there is interest I can definitely make a tutorial of the process I used for this top, and provide you with the pattern piece I used to cut out the shoulder.  Let me know below if you want a cold shoulder Montlake in your closet and I will make the tutorial happen.


  1. Kathleen Kelley says:

    Love it! I have made two original Montlakes and I love them both. This hack is perfect for me! I don’t wear a lot of sleeveless because I feel self-conscious of my arms. But this hack would totally cover the “bad part” and show all the good! I would love the pattern piece/tutorial!

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