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Sew the Year April Recap

I love that Sew the Year is what it took me to tackle projects through out the year that I might have just put off in the past.  Get all the details here on what Sew the Year is as well as past projects I have completed.  

April was about sewing some clothes for my kiddos, something that I don’t do very often.  I am so glad that I set out to sew one new thing for each of them, a total obtainable goal, and it reminded me how much I do enjoy sewing for them.  Both of my kiddos absolutely love when I sew for them which makes the process even better know they will appreciate the item.

Comfy Running Around Shorts

Growing up with 2 sisters all I ever knew was girls.  When I got pregnant with Sophie I knew without a doubt that I was having a girl.  I just always pictured myself with girls, at least 2 but maybe even 4.  Clearly that was the no kids person talking, because reality is 2 kids is enough 🙂

When I got pregnant with Benny I knew without a doubt that it was a boy.  Before we found out the sex I tried to convince myself that it was a girl but knew deep down that wasn’t the case.  Don’t get me wrong I was so excited but still surprised I was actually having a boy.

Gnome Pants

Lets just file this blog post under photos taken 3 months ago and never blogged about, and it was a pattern test to boot.  Those are my favourite things to blog about so I am kicking myself that I never did this one.

Lately it is a very rare opportunity that I actually sew or blog about something I made for Benny, something I hope to change in the coming months.  But in the meantime here is a fun pair of pants that I made for Benny that not only I adore but both Benny and Sophie love.  Ben asks for his man pants to go with his man shirt all the time.

70’s are Calling

Fabric shopping with kids is always so much fun.  Kids have a vision for fabric that I may never have had, as example Sophie picked out the fabric in this dress and the end result was so great.  She still gets compliments from strangers every time she wears it.  I can’t take too much credit for it since I only did the sewing.

Recently we went shopping for some swimsuit fabric and Sophie insisted on getting shiny gold fabric to make Ben a swimsuit.  So when the test call went out for Peek-a-boo Patterns new pattern Monaco Swim Trunks (affiliate link), I knew Ben would rock that pattern in gold.  Now all Benny needs is a gold chain and aviators and his look will be complete.

Last Minute Easter Sewing

For every holiday I have these grand plans to make the kiddos clothes.  I usually go as far as to pick the patterns and buy the fabric and then all the sudden it is a couple days before and I haven’t started and I just abandon the idea all together.  For Easter it wasn’t much different, I purchased the fabric a few months ago and never really settled on a pattern.  Last week was spring break for the kiddos so I got even less sewing done than I normally would.  Somehow I arrived at Saturday morning with a pattern for Ben picked and still no final decision for Sophie.  Normally I would have scrapped the idea at this point but I was determined to make something, plus my in-laws were in town so I knew they would keep the littles occupied so I could get some sewing done.

KCW Spring 2014 – Day 1

Today is the start of another round of Kids Clothes Week and I couldn’t be more excited to sew some things for the littles this week.

Both kiddos are in desperate need of basic pieces.  Sophie is getting much taller so all of her pants and tops are getting short and while a midriff baring shirt was really cool in the 90’s it’s not so cool on a 3 year old now.  Benny is busy growing and is finally moving out of 12 month clothes and into 18 months.  So yeah, both kids need shirts and pants.

Paperback Writer Cardigan – Shwin Designs

One of the things that I am going to focus on this year is sewing through my stash both my fabric stash and my pattern stash.  Over the last year I have amassed a huge collection of pdf patterns yet I find myself making the same patterns over and over again.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I absolutely love some of my patterns but it is also fun to stretch your skills and try something new.

Boy’s Sewing Week

Kids Clothes Week was a really great experience for me, it gave me a chance to stretch my skills, while also making clothes for my kids and trying patterns I have been putting off for months.  I thought I would take the idea of kids clothes week and challenge myself to do a Boy’s Sewing Week since most of the clothes I usually sew are for my daughter.  There is no shortage of super cute boys patterns out there it’s just a matter of narrowing down to what is reasonable in a week while also still handling my day job of being a mom.