Gnome Pants

Lets just file this blog post under photos taken 3 months ago and never blogged about, and it was a pattern test to boot.  Those are my favourite things to blog about so I am kicking myself that I never did this one.

Lately it is a very rare opportunity that I actually sew or blog about something I made for Benny, something I hope to change in the coming months.  But in the meantime here is a fun pair of pants that I made for Benny that not only I adore but both Benny and Sophie love.  Ben asks for his man pants to go with his man shirt all the time.



Goodness that boy is adorable!

When Shelley of Ginger Baby Patterns asked me to test her pattern, Active Classics Everyday Pants, I was excited to make some comfy lounge/every day pants for Benny.  Since I still have insane amounts of this gnome fabric I thought why not use it again have it coordinate with his gnome shirt.

Can’t you just see the mischief in his eyes.  I think he was just excited to be the subject of my photo shoot since it is his favourite past time to photobomb his sisters photo shoots.



This pattern is really great with so many options whether it is shorts or pants and available in so many sizes from 3 months to 12 years.  If you are nervous about sewing with knits Shelley gives you so many tips through out the pattern that you will be an expert sewing with knits by the end.



This pattern is such a quick sew that your little one will be running around in their new pants in no time.



Is it crazy that I kind of want my own pair of gnome pants.  I may just have to get the Hudson Pants pattern by True Bias and make myself a pair.

Do you sew and take pictures of your kids and then never actually blog about it?  Do you find you sew more for one child than the other and feel guilty about it?  I want to hear your sewing confessions.

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