The More You Break, The More You Learn

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You may notice the website is a bit broken.  Somehow I managed to delete or move my entire contents folder last night.

Thankfully my husband is brilliant so he figured out how to get the website to actually display.

I managed to only lose the photos uploaded in July!

And as luck would have it I am out of town for the weekend.  So there will be some posts without images until I can get them fixed on Sunday.

I made sure to fix the post on my pattern, the Mae Tunic so head over there and get your few pattern.

I may even take this opportunity to finally get my new website up and running.  So watch for big changes around here in the next week.

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  1. MammaNene says:

    Ouch! Sounds bad 🙁
    … but I really know how it goes, when you (I) try to change “just a little thing” and the blog disappear… how many times! I’ve learnt more from those ooops moments than from all the rest of time of plain blogging!
    Have fun for the weekend, I’m sure you’re going to fix everything!
    New blog coming? Can’t wait to see it 😉
    Hugs from Italy

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