Mixing Patterns and Forcing Photoshoots

If there is one thing I have learned since I started sewing clothes for my kiddos it’s that you should never force a photoshoot.  Not only will you end up with force smiles but you will probably have tears at some point.  And really, is a pattern testing deadline or blog post really worth forcing your child to stand still and smile just for some photos.

Absolutely not.


This was one of those days where I was feeling the testing crunch and was extra busy with life and just needed Sophie to cooperate for a few pictures.  She wasn’t having it at first but once I let her have fun with it I managed to get some great pictures of her showing off her new shirt.  Do you see that tear under her eye, yeah not a proud mommy moment.



I had the pleasure of testing another one of the patterns in the Mini Me Collection by See Kate Sew.  I talked about the other pattern I tested, the Harper Top on the blog last week, go check out why I can’t sew while I am sick but how my loss was my sisters gain.

IMG_9374This top I put together for Sophie is the new Mini Maia and is seriously adorable on her.  The instructions are just as amazing as all of Kate’s patterns and the end result is a lovely top.  The pattern lets you do some pattern mixing by using a different fabric for the collar and if you take the time to make your own bias tape it gives you the added personalized and fun detail.  Plus if you are lazy like me it saves you a trip to the store to get bias tape, which is not nearly as nice as handmade bias tape anyways.



The most fun detail on this shirt is the zipper at the back.  While I would consider myself a novice at zippers, they are just so intimidating so I usually avoid them, Kate does a great job of explaining how to install this zipper.  I even surprised myself at the end result while by no means perfect it still looks pretty darn good so I call that a success.



The only change I would make next time I sew this up, and believe me there will be a next time, is to make it one size smaller for the bodice at an 18 month but 1 size bigger in length up to a 3T.

I highly recommend you heading over to See Kate Sew and grab this pattern and the rest of the Mini Me Collection, they are all amazing patterns for your little one.  And while you are at it pick up the Women’s versions of these patterns as well.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I want to hear from you, have you forced your kiddos to take photos when you are on a deadline? Or am I the only mean momma that has done that?



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