Sew the Year April Recap

I love that Sew the Year is what it took me to tackle projects through out the year that I might have just put off in the past.  Get all the details here on what Sew the Year is as well as past projects I have completed.  

April was about sewing some clothes for my kiddos, something that I don’t do very often.  I am so glad that I set out to sew one new thing for each of them, a total obtainable goal, and it reminded me how much I do enjoy sewing for them.  Both of my kiddos absolutely love when I sew for them which makes the process even better know they will appreciate the item.

Before I get into my successes sewing for the kiddos I wanted to recap my first project for the month, the Alma Blouse by Sewaholic Pattern.  


I did not end up sewing a final version of this pattern, through no fault of the pattern.  While I wouldn’t call it a failure it definitely wasn’t a style that worked with my body.  There were some definite things I learned while doing muslins of this top that have completely changed the way I will be sewing woven garments moving forward.  Not only did I learn about small bust adjustments (SBA) but it really helped me see that this small change makes a huge difference.

From the things I learned while working on this pattern I realized that in order to reach a wider customer base I could start offering multiple front bodice pieces for my next pattern.  Instead of offering the standard B sewing cup bodice, I have done the work for you and will now have cup sizes A-DD.  So great when something comes out of the process of doing a muslin even if the garment doesn’t totally work.  I call that a win.

Between my adventures in muslins and sewing for my kiddos I had an amazing guest blog post by Becca of Free Notion.  You guys she is the fitting guru in my life and has so much knowledge on the topic it couldn’t be contained to just one blog post.  I have referenced her blog post multiple times since, not just for her fitting advice but for her general knowledge.  She was able to write down something that I have felt for awhile but just didn’t know how to put to words.  She really struck me with this:

“Look at the size chart, not the size. Ego has no place in a well fitting garment. We don’t sew a size because “that’s the size I buy at the store!” or “That’s the size I wish I was!” or even “That’s the size my bust measures! (Nevermind that my waist and hips are a few sizes bigger…)” We blend sizes as needed to fit each measurement.”

If you haven’t had a chance to read her post I highly recommend it. And then head over to her Facebook group that is a ridiculous wealth of knowledge for anyone looking for fitting help, pattern suggestions and general sewing support.  These ladies in the group are seriously the best of the best.

The last two projects for the month were all about my kiddos and they both turned out so cute.

First up was a pair of Mini Hudson Pants for Benny.  Modelled after some amazing cord joggers he got for Christmas, I was so happy with how the twill version turned out.  Such a quick and easy sew as well.   Read all about Benny’s new pants here.

Sophie is the perfect combination of dressing up and getting dirty.  She loves all things dress up but will be the first person to jump into a huge mud puddle.  It is fun to indulge her dressy side sometimes, this dress does just that.  I posted all about my love for the Sullivan dress by Sew Much Ado on the blog yesterday, so make sure to read up on why I think this dress is perfect for your favourite girl.

Another great month for Sew the Year!  Next month is my favourite month of the year, Me Made May!!  I am going to be sharing all month and plan to tie it into Sew the Year.  So head back on Monday to hear what I have in store.

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