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Me Made May ’17: Week 3

May has been a funny month for me which I will definitely be sharing more about next week, but for now I will finally get caught up on my weekly recaps of Me Made May ’17.

If you haven’t read my first two weekly recaps for Me Made May you can find them here: week 1 and week 2.

At this point we were half way through the month and still going strong with different me made outfits.

Why Buy It When You Can Sew It

One of my good friends has the cutest woven joggers in the most perfect tribal fabric.  They are perfect for the summer when you want to wear something comfortable but also look a bit more put together.  She recently wore them over to my house for a girls movie night and I immediately knew I had to have some!  But that thought was immediately followed by why buy it when you can sew it.  The best part was that I knew exactly what pattern to use and had the most perfect peach skin fabric in my stash for them.

Moms Weekend

What more could you ask for than leaving the husbands and kids at home and escaped to a cabin on the water for the weekend with your girlfriends and fellow co-op moms.  As we loaded up into my friends van with far too much food and alcohol I just couldn’t be happier with the group of friends that I have here in Seattle, these ladies rock my socks off, they make this motherhood thing so much easier.