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Pattern Mixing Like a Boss

I think the best outfits are when you don’t think about any fashion ‘rules’ and just grab things you want to wear.  Today I wanted to wear something different than I would normally ever wear and it just happened to be two completely different patterns, stripes and gingham, forcing me to do some pattern mixing like a boss!  And really they are both blue so it totally works!

Why Buy It When You Can Sew It

One of my good friends has the cutest woven joggers in the most perfect tribal fabric.  They are perfect for the summer when you want to wear something comfortable but also look a bit more put together.  She recently wore them over to my house for a girls movie night and I immediately knew I had to have some!  But that thought was immediately followed by why buy it when you can sew it.  The best part was that I knew exactly what pattern to use and had the most perfect peach skin fabric in my stash for them.

White T-shirt Love

It’s safe to say I think I have found my newest obsession!  There isn’t much better than a well fitting t-shirt.


The Union St. Tee from Hey June is spot on for fit, so comfortable without being too tight.


I sewed up the XS based on my bust and then graded out to a medium to give me a little more room through the waist and hips.  I also went ahead and added 2 inches to the length to give me an extra long tee.

Turn a Bad Day Around

Being a stay at home parent to two kiddos under 4 can lead to some challenging days.  Some days I deal with it gracefully and then other days I am crying to my husband over google hangouts while he is trying to work.  Not a proud mommy moment but when it comes to naps I depend on them and the little bit of a break I get in a day.  Today was definitely one of the crying days when naps just weren’t happening.

New Outfit for Date Night

Date nights are a rare thing around here.  So when we actually take the effort to find a babysitter and pick a restaurant it always feels like a new shirt/skirt/dress is in order.  I like any excuse to make something new for myself but a date night is the best reason.  I could be completely making this up but I like to think that my husband appreciates the extra effort I went to to look nice for a date night.

Last Minute Party Dress

As we become more and more a part of our local community and preschool the number of birthday parties the kids get invited to increases.  I love going to parties and especially making something special for the birthday girl/boy.  My most recent go to birthday present for kids my daughter’s age is my Colouring Book Library Tote.  It’s a quick sew and something that is guaranteed to give the receiver many hours of fun.


Kids Clothes Week – Day 4

Day 4 was about getting things done.  I spent the morning cutting out fabric to make 3 different shirts.  Originally I had planned to make the Vintage V-Neck today but as I was cutting I got inspired by the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew and some of the fun combinations I had in my stash so I went with that for today.

I have been dying to use the feather knit from Girl Charlee since it arrived and I knew that a super soft and heavy weight mustard yellow knit I had would work perfectly.  The end result was even better than I had envisioned.  I decided to try the elbow length for Sophie’s shirt and use the main fabric on the sleeve cuffs as well.