Last Minute Party Dress

As we become more and more a part of our local community and preschool the number of birthday parties the kids get invited to increases.  I love going to parties and especially making something special for the birthday girl/boy.  My most recent go to birthday present for kids my daughter’s age is my Colouring Book Library Tote.  It’s a quick sew and something that is guaranteed to give the receiver many hours of fun.


This last weekend Sophie was invited to a friends 3rd birthday and I thought it would be fun if she had a new dress to wear to the party.  Just before she went down for an early nap I asked her if she wanted me to make her a dress to wear to the party.  She did not disappoint with her reaction which was a very enthusiastic yes, I just love this girl.

So my challenge was to find a dress pattern that I could print, tape, cut out and sew all in about an hour and a half.  It took me about 5 seconds to decide on the Belinda Dress by Andrea Pannell for Go To Patterns.  Sophie loves comfy knit dresses that she can wear with tights or leggings.  I knew this dress would be perfect for the Seattle weather through spring and early summer and then again in the fall.  I also love that this pattern can transition into a top.  The more clothes I can sew that serve multiple seasons and years the better a piece is.


Since I didn’t have any pink knit, which would be Sophie’s first choice, I opted for the last of my feather fabric from Girl Charlee.  Paired with some navy blue interlock I knew it would make a great dress for an afternoon birthday party.


I decided to make the bodice, sleeves, pocket cutout and ribbing and bottom band all in the feather fabric with the skirt in the blue.  And people it might be my favourite dress I have made to date.  I want a version of this dress for myself, it just looks so comfy.


The pattern was a great pick because little miss woke up from her nap to a new dress for her party and I was able to actually get it done in just over an hour from start to finish.  We were both pretty excited!


The construction of this dress was really straightforward with the help of such a well written pattern.  The large pocket in the front was immediately a favourite and was filled with as many treasurers as she could fit.  I made one mistake by using the feather fabric for the neckband which didn’t quite have enough stretch to make it around her head comfortably.  I am still considering taking the neckband off and putting a blue interlock neckband on instead which would have more stretch.

Despite this one misstep on my part I love this pattern and will definitely be making another version of this dress again.  Sophie has already picked out new fabric for another one, you guessed it pink tonal stripes.


Have you decided on a whim to sew a dress for a party just hours before the event?



  1. sophie says:

    I love your belinda dress! so so cute! love the feather fabric. I am so scared of knits.Do you sew kints on a “normal” machine or a serger?? your little one looks really happy in it!!

    • Kimberly Payne says:

      Thank you so much, I wish I had endless amounts of this fabric it is really fun. I was also really scared of knits when I first started but it just takes a few garments and you get much more comfortable. I do sew with knits on a serger but started out on my regular machine with a tight zigzag stitch and it worked really well. Most regular machines have a bunch of stretch stitches you can try out. I recommend grabbing some knit and just practicing. Before long you will be much less intimidated by knits.

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