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Me Made May ’17: Week 1

Trying something a little different this year with Me Made May, by sharing weekly recaps for you.  I think this is going to be a better way to share my weekly insights and pattern thoughts without trying to remember it all month long.  Week 1 has been pretty much a breeze, thanks to a wardrobe of handmade, but I know as the month progresses it is going to get more difficult.  But I love the challenge and the knowledge that comes from this month of pushing myself.  

You can find my thoughts on the challenge in these posts from 2015 and 2016

Layer Me Up

Pretty much from September until May I am dressed in layers whether it is a heavy sweater and vest or a tank top and cardigan I always have multiple layers on.  Add a cozy scarf and my new favourite hat and you pretty much have my ‘uniform’ for the fall and winter.

While most of my closet is now handmade I still have quite a few pieces that have been around for YEARS.  Most can be found in the form of a cardigan, which could be argued is the best option for a layer, they can pretty much go over anything.  Because I tend to get warm in all my layers I usually wear a tank top under my cardigans, no one likes to have bunchy shirts in the sleeves of your cardigan either.