Sew Your Hart Out September

September is a pretty great month, not only is it back to school time but it is also my business anniversary.  Last year I did a HUGE blog tour that spanned 2 weeks with 30 different bloggers.  And while that was pretty amazing, I just did not have the mental energy to do that again.  It is hard work to put all of that together and to blog every single day for 2 weeks 🙂

So for this September I jumped at the chance to participate in Sew Your Hart Out September with Harts Fabric.  They put together quite the event, and I am so excited to be their pattern company sponsor for the first week of the month.  Not only do they have great guest bloggers but they also have a weekly giveaway with fabric and patterns and gift certificates.  Seriously the giveaways are amazing.

This week I joined the amazing team on the Harts Fabric blog to share two posts with all of their readers, but I didn’t want you to miss out on it.

For my first post I gave a great introduction to me, my sewing background and how I got my business where I am at now.  There is also a pretty fantastic picture of my mom and I on a camel in Egypt from 12 years ago.  Not sewing related in any way, but my favourite picture of my mom and I ever.

Sew Your Hart Out September

The fabric sponsor for my week is Art Gallery Fabrics, of which it is no secret I am a super fan.  The people over at Harts Fabric sent me some AGF fabric to sew up a pattern remix and then share the tutorial on their blog.

The Ravenna pattern was just calling to be made into a dress with this fabric and the end result was pretty much as amazing as I had pictured it to be.

Sew Your Hart Out September

The full tutorial is over on the Harts Fabric blog including more pictures of the dress worn two ways.

Don’t forget to enter the raffle while you are over on their website for your chance to win one of the weekly baskets or the big sewing machine giveaway at the end.

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