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I have been dreaming and scheming with my husband about starting Straight Stitch Workroom for awhile.  I knew I wanted to find a venue where I could encourage other DIY creative entrepreneurs to look at new ways to expand their business both in a traditional and non-traditional way.  The Workroom is the perfect space for me to share what I have learned in a format that is easy and accessible to everyone on their own time frame.

Today I officially launch Straight Stitch Workroom with the exclusive pre-sale of my first course, Expanding your PDF Pattern Business by Moving to Print.

Whether you are an established pdf pattern designer or someone just starting out, this course is going to be a great resource for you as you look at what I believe is the next best step for expanding your pdf business.

Through a series of videos and tough questions you have to ask yourself, we will work together to determine the best way to expand your pdf pattern business into print. Not only will I provide you with all the steps you need, but I have also developed a workbook to walk you through the course and help you keep track of your thoughts.

If you have been considering paper patterns for your business but have no idea where to even begin, this course is right for you.

As part of this pre-sale I am offering 20% off the listed price as well as some additional incentives to those that signup prior to the release of the course.

Straight Stitch Workroom Course Pricing

I am so excited about the consultation part of the pre-sale.  How fun will it be to sit down and have a chat about your pattern business and the ways that I can help you expand it.  This is something that I won’t be offering beyond the initial pre-sale period, so make sure to grab a spot in the course while this is still being offered.

The pre-sale of the course gives you access to the first lesson, which is a welcome from me, your instructor.  As soon as the full course is ready for release you will receive an email letting you know the course is live.  Expect that email to come in the next 4 weeks, hopefully sooner!!

Once you have enrolled in the course you will find a link, in the first lesson, to the private Facebook group where we can talk shop and encourage each other while we work through the paper pattern process.

Click over to Straight Stitch Workroom to sign up for Expanding your PDF Pattern Business by Moving to Print.

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