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Pajama Party – Matching Family Pajamas

Disclosure: I was provided the pattern and fabric for free but all opinions are my own.

Matching family pajamas is one of my favourite parts of the holidays.  For many years I made matching pajamas for all of my nieces and nephews, but when it got to be something like 14 pairs ranging in size from baby to teenager I decided I just couldn’t do it anymore so I focused on just my little family.  

Montlake Sewing Workshop with Spoonflower

Other than a good pattern, fabric is pretty much the most important part of any sewing project.  The biggest question I get from my students before every sewing workshop is what kind of fabric they should get for the class, it can be so overwhelming when looking at all of your options.  So I decided to take the work out of guessing and partner with Spoonflower for my next sewing workshop  to give all the students fantastic fabric to make their first Montlake Tee.

Craftcation Conference in Ventura CA. Makers Conference held every April by Dear Handmade Life.

Craftcation 2019

Registration for what has become my favourite 4 days of the year starts at 9:00 am PST this morning, and for the first 50 people to register there is a discount, so if you have been thinking about it I highly recommend clicking over and snagging your tickets.  

Craftcation was life changing for me and my business last year, something I wasn’t expecting at all!  Now I just want all of you to come to California with me and craft and sew and visit and learn during the 4 days.  This is so much more than just a conference for people with businesses or those thinking about starting a business, if you are a maker or interested in trying other creative mediums this is also for you.

Seamwork Loretta

I have quite the growing collection of woven fabrics, but for years I almost exclusively sewed with knits.  I never felt completely confident in my fabric knowledge and that kept me from really exploring more woven garment patterns.  Now that I have a better handle on picking the fabrics that are more appropriate for the garment, I have a new love of woven garments.

Last week I was looking for a quick morning project and decided to find a pattern that would be perfect for this rayon chambray from Indiesew.  Unfortunately this fabric is already sold out, but this black and white crepe would be amazing for this pattern.  After scanning through my pattern collection I came across the Seamwork Loretta and knew it was the perfect choice.

Expanding Your Pattern Business to Print

Two years ago I decided to take my pdf pattern business in a new direction.  At the time I had 3 patterns in my collection and big plans for expanding the collection.  But wanted to find a way to reach a subset of my customers that may only purchase paper patterns or who hasn’t really explored the world of pdf patterns.

My biggest frustration through the initial process 2 years ago was that there was no central source of information with the steps it would take to transition my patterns to paper.  Every time a designer decides to make this move in their business they are forced to start from scratch  So this course was born from that lack of information and has been in the works from the start.

Facebook Live Course Chat

I just wanted to pop on here and let you all know that I am going to be on Facebook Live today at 10:00am PST to chat some more about my PDF to Paper pattern course offered for pre-sale now.

This is a great chance to get your questions about the course answered as well as see a bit more of what I am going to be offering.

Join me here at 10:00am.

Sew Your Hart Out September

September is a pretty great month, not only is it back to school time but it is also my business anniversary.  Last year I did a HUGE blog tour that spanned 2 weeks with 30 different bloggers.  And while that was pretty amazing, I just did not have the mental energy to do that again.  It is hard work to put all of that together and to blog every single day for 2 weeks 🙂

Summer Swimwear Tour

I feel like I haven’t sewn for my kiddos in forever, other than a few sets of pajamas that is pretty much true.  So when I was asked to join the Summer Swimwear Tour I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to sew some swimsuits for the kids.  My big plans of sewing swimsuits for both kids turned into just a swimsuit for Sophie, which turned out pretty darn cute.  Benny will get one eventually #secondkidproblems

Summertime as a Work at Home Mom

Every year we arrive in May with about a month left of school and I can’t wait for the day to day of getting to and from school to end.  But then before I know it school ends and I remember, as if I had parental amnesia, that summertime as a work at home mom is so far from the unstructured adventure I had imagined back in May.