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Moms Weekend

What more could you ask for than leaving the husbands and kids at home and escaped to a cabin on the water for the weekend with your girlfriends and fellow co-op moms.  As we loaded up into my friends van with far too much food and alcohol I just couldn’t be happier with the group of friends that I have here in Seattle, these ladies rock my socks off, they make this motherhood thing so much easier.


Greenwood Tester Call


I am a tank top kind of girl once the weather starts to warm up.  As I begin to assemble my summer wardrobe I thought why not create a pattern that I would get so much use out of and I know others would as well.  The Greenwood tank is the first in the Straight Stitch Designs Basic Collection.  Greenwood has two finishing options either knit bias bound or knit strips.  There are also two back options including a low back that mirrors the front neckline.  This tank is made to be long and fitted.

Random Guy in a Hostel

You never know how one moment can change your life forever. I dont normally share this type of thing on the blog but I couldn t let this day pass without some mention, because everything I am today comes from that moment.

10 years ago I was a carefree 22 year old living and working in Cairo Egypt.  Teaching english by day and hanging out with new friends by night.

The More You Break, The More You Learn

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You may notice the website is a bit broken.  Somehow I managed to delete or move my entire contents folder last night.

Thankfully my husband is brilliant so he figured out how to get the website to actually display.

I managed to only lose the photos uploaded in July!

And as luck would have it I am out of town for the weekend.  So there will be some posts without images until I can get them fixed on Sunday.

A New Endevour

Welcome to my newest love The Nest Creations.

I read something today that perfectly summed up my desire to finally start The Nest Creations. Jennifer Fulwiler from the blog Conversation Diary talks about finding time to blog she says

if your life is anything like mine, you have precious little free time, and even less extra energy. You don’t need to add more work to your schedule. However, if you pursue a passion that gives you energy when you undertake it, it can be a blessing to both you and your family.