Craftcation Conference in Ventura CA. Makers Conference held every April by Dear Handmade Life.

Craftcation 2019

Registration for what has become my favourite 4 days of the year starts at 9:00 am PST this morning, and for the first 50 people to register there is a discount, so if you have been thinking about it I highly recommend clicking over and snagging your tickets.  

Craftcation was life changing for me and my business last year, something I wasn’t expecting at all!  Now I just want all of you to come to California with me and craft and sew and visit and learn during the 4 days.  This is so much more than just a conference for people with businesses or those thinking about starting a business, if you are a maker or interested in trying other creative mediums this is also for you.

Craftcation Conference in Ventura CA. Makers Conference held every April by Dear Handmade Life. Class learning to sew the Montlake Tee by Straight Stitch Designs

Last year I had the priviledge of teaching 2 Montlake sewing classes, a hacking the Montlake pattern and a business workshop on Creating Sewing Patterns.  This year I get to mix it up a little bit and I couldn’t be more excited.  Check out what I am teaching this year!  I am especially excited about the body positivity panel!!!


Staying Body Positive in the sewing world can be a struggle for everyone, no matter your shape or size. The whole reason we sew for ourselves is so that our clothes actually fit our bodies, but with that comes the act of actually taking your measurements something many people are afraid to do. And what if those measurements are causing you to judge your own body. Through this workshop I will show you how sewing a handmade wardrobe forces you to look at your measurements as what they are, just numbers. There is no judgment in these numbers only knowledge and power. By learning about your own body through your measurements you can change your thinking about shape and size because it isn’t constrained to what Ready-To-Wear.



In this workshop I will be walking you through the process of taking your sewing pattern vision from sketch to final product. Whether your product is a garment, bag or even kids items the process of creating the pattern is the same. Not only will I be sharing the basic process but also the ways adding a sewing pattern to your collection can change the way you run your creative business. Through my 5 years creating women’s garment sewing patterns I have taken both a traditional and non-traditional approach to my business and I look forward to sharing that with you.



Have you mastered the basics of sewing with knits and want to try something a little more advanced, than this class is for you. Every wardrobe needs classic pieces that mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe either handmade or store bought. In this class we will be sewing a classic cardigan while stretching your knit sewing skills by learning about adding buttons and buttonholes to a knit garment. You will leave this workshop with not only a new wardrobe staple but the confidence to continue to expand your knit sewing skills. We will be sewing my Phinney Ridge cardi pattern which is the perfect intermediate knit project.



Every wardrobe needs a classic tee, and making one that actually fits your body is even better. If you have been interested in learning how to sew garments or consider yourself a garment pro who has been intimidated by working with knit fabrics, this is the class for you. In this class I will walk you through the basics of sewing with knits as well as some of the common fitting adjustments to know when sewing your own garments. You will leave this class not only with a new tee but also the confidence to sew more garments or even just a closet full of these. We will be sewing my Montlake Tee pattern which is a great beginner knit pattern.

Will you please join me next year in Ventura CA from April 3rd – 7th?  It is one of the most encouraging bunch of people I have ever surrounded myself with and I know even if you come alone, you will leave with so many new maker friends!!

Register here!

*There is an affiliate link within this post for registration.  It does not cost you anything extra to purchase through this link, but I will receive a portion of the registration.  Thanks for supporting Straight Stitch Designs.

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