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Beach Treasures Necklace

Do your kids come home from the beach with pockets full of treasures?  To my 3 year old everything from a super small rock to a big shell are her treasures and they must all come home with her so she can sleep with them that night.  Yes my child puts them in a tupperware and sleeps with them.  Because obviously you sleep with your treasures.

While I was home sick nursing a nasty cold this weekend Sean and the kids headed up to Canada to visit Sean’s brother and sister in law.  They live right across the street from the beach so there were many treasures to be found.

Repurposed Organization

Living in an old farmhouse with so much charm has been really fun.  Our home has crown molding throughout, amazing old wood doors, large baseboards and old windows.  While the windows are really fun and add to the charm of our house they don’t bode well for keeping the house warm in the winter or cool in the summer as they are all painted shut.  More and more houses in our neighbourhood are removing the old windows and putting in new more energy efficient windows.  We haven’t gotten there yet but it will definitely be in our future.

Knitting Project Bag


This weekend Sean and I went away for our first kids free weekend, as in we haven’t been away together without the kiddos for more than a date night in almost 4 years.  It was long overdue thats for sure.

When I booked the trip to surprise Sean I immediately reached out to his mom, Linda, to see if she would be interested in coming down and wrangling the kids for a few days.  Having had just survived a weekend with just the kids I knew it was asking a lot of someone but she jumped at the chance to have her grandkids all to herself for the weekend.  I was confident that the kids wouldn’t even miss us with grandma around, we quickly learned that we missed them long before they really missed us.

Sewing Buddies – Challenge 2

This month our challenge was a bag swap with our sewing buddy, and just like last month I finished it just under the wire.  If you remember from my write up of Challenge 1 last month I have the coolest sewing buddy of them all, guaranteed.

I was able to actually meet up with my sewing buddy Jeni while she was in town for a knitting conference with a bunch of her friends from Victoria.  We had so much fun walking around the marketplace talking about sewing and knitting and getting to know each other even better.  Do you see that sweater she is wearing in the picture? yeah she totally knit that.

Felt & Fabric Memory Game

 I am constantly looking for projects that will use up my ever growing stash of fabric scraps.  For some reason I can never quite get rid of fabric even if I have less than a few square inches because you never know when you need a scrap of fabric.  This is one of the projects that is easy to make and uses some of those small scraps of fabric you have lying around.

For a few years I have been thinking about making a fabric memory game for my kiddos but never seemed to sit down to do it, thankfully that all changed today.

Busy Pocket Coloring Set

With children of any age, keeping them busy when there is any waiting involved can be a struggle at the best of times.  Between doctors visits, ballet and preschool pickup my kiddos do a lot of waiting, so having something as a great fallback in my purse is what inspired me to make this Busy Pocket Coloring Set.

Artwork Display

As most parents of small children can attest, you end up with a large amount of paintings and drawings.  With both kids in preschool we also end up with art projects multiple times a week.  Needless to say I wanted to create a place to display some of their art work that wasn’t just the fridge.

Since it is no surprise I love a gallery wall and embroidery hoops I thought this artwork display would be a great addition to my living room gallery wall.


Gallery Wall Love

Decorating a large space can be overwhelming and finding the right balance of furniture and accents on the wall I find to be the trickiest part.  Those things plus a lack of knowing what my ‘style’ is caused us to live in our house for over a year before anything major was put onto the walls.  In my defence we were coming from a very small apartment so what works in 500 sq ft doesn’t always translate well to 1500 sq ft.

Hospital Gown to Comfortable Shirt

Sometimes you when you are combing the racks of your local thrift store you pick an item simply for the fabric.  You don’t even pay attention to what the item actually is but the fabric catches your attention and you know you will find a way to make that item into something wearable.


Enter what I can only guess was once a hospital gown, quite a fancy fabric for a hospital gown but based on the shape and the pocket that is what it must have been.