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Men’s Dress Shirt to Fitted Tunic

Digging through my pile of thrift store finds I came across this x-large men’s dress shirt I had purchased and planned to refashion to a tunic for myself that I could wear with leggings and my favourite black boots.

It is exactly what I wanted, really big and long enough for a tunic.

First step was to put the shirt on and pin where I wanted it to come in.  As you can tell by the pin placement the shirt needed to come in quite a bit to fit me.  Because of how much the shirt had to come in I knew the pocket was going to need to be removed.  So I went ahead and started unpicking the pocket.

Crib Refashion

Last week I got inspired to take the crib down and refashion it into something different.  As usual my inspiration came from Pinterest and I wrote briefly about it here before starting the project.

This was my inspiration:

Its such a great use for a piece of furniture that can no longer be used for its original intent.

In our case we were given a crib by my mom in the hopes that my son would sleep in it.  Well that never happened so we have had an assembled crib just hanging out in Sophie’s room for months unused.  The moment I saw this picture I knew we had to recreate it with our crib.

Pinterest Love

I am definitely not the first person to profess their love of all things Pinterest because let’s face it that website is beyond addicting. I remember when I first joined I would spend hours pinning things every day. The difference for me and lots of people on Pinterest is that I actually do some of the things I am pinning. You can find me on Pinterest here.

It is such a great resource for people that are into crafts and DIY because it is littered with lots of inspiration. Also planning a child’s birthday party is so easy with the help of Pinterest. I joke with friends that had Pinterest been around when I got married it would have been completely different and probably over the top.