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I am definitely not the first person to profess their love of all things Pinterest because let’s face it that website is beyond addicting. I remember when I first joined I would spend hours pinning things every day. The difference for me and lots of people on Pinterest is that I actually do some of the things I am pinning. You can find me on Pinterest here.

It is such a great resource for people that are into crafts and DIY because it is littered with lots of inspiration. Also planning a child’s birthday party is so easy with the help of Pinterest. I joke with friends that had Pinterest been around when I got married it would have been completely different and probably over the top.

While doing my weekly browsing of Pinterest the other day, (yes I am only going on once a week, hooray me!) I thought I would look into crib conversion. We have a crib from my mom that we got for Ben but there is no way he is ever going to use it he much prefers the queen sized bed he has taken over. Because it is a drop side crib we can’t sell or donate it so unless we want to throw away a perfectly good piece of furniture that has only been used a handful of times I needed to come up with a solution.


I found the above picture for drop side crib conversion that didn’t require anything more than taking the drop side off and adding a board for the desk. I love that they made the desk a chalkboard and that would be perfect for Sophie and Ben since they are all about chalk.

The desk the kids are currently using is worn out so it will be nice to have something new. I may also use the drop side as an organizer in my craft “room”. Like this.


I am now inspired to do this project this weekend. Check back next week for the finished project.

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