Craft Room

In a perfect world I would have a bright and airy sewing studio that I went to every morning with my LARGE coffee and I would spend the day sewing and blogging and being creative on the computer.  Check out the Olahbelhe Sewing Studio and drool with me over how beautiful it is.

While that space is beautiful and maybe one day I will have a space like that I am just thankful that I have a space I can leave my sewing machine out.  It is so hard to get motivated to sew if you don’t have a space where all of your sewing stuff can stay out and organized.  In the interest of keeping it real here on the blog I wanted to show you a picture of what my sewing space looks like.



It is by no means organized at the moment but it really is my happy place and I look forward to spending my evenings in there creating fun things for my kids and even sometimes myself.

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