A New Endevour

Welcome to my newest love The Nest Creations.

I read something today that perfectly summed up my desire to finally start The Nest Creations. Jennifer Fulwiler from the blog Conversation Diary talks about finding time to blog she says

if your life is anything like mine, you have precious little free time, and even less extra energy. You don’t need to add more work to your schedule. However, if you pursue a passion that gives you energy when you undertake it, it can be a blessing to both you and your family.

This is exactly what I have been feeling over the last few days as I started going through the many lists of things that needed to be done to officially launch The Nest Creations. The only difference with this and things I have done in the past is that I have endless energy and desire to work on it. I stay up much later than I should and look forward to stolen moments through out the day to work on setting everything up.

I hope that this can be a place that inspires me to be more creative and to step out of the box and try things I have never done before. I have so many great plans for this little corner of the internet, I am just so excited to get started.

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