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Mixing Patterns and Forcing Photoshoots

If there is one thing I have learned since I started sewing clothes for my kiddos it’s that you should never force a photoshoot.  Not only will you end up with force smiles but you will probably have tears at some point.  And really, is a pattern testing deadline or blog post really worth forcing your child to stand still and smile just for some photos.

Absolutely not.


Sewing When Sick…

As any stay at home parent can attest, when you are sick you rarely get time off.  A few weeks ago we were going to go on a last minute trip up to Vancouver to see my brother and sister in law.  The night before we left, which was about 5 hours after we decided to go I came down with a nasty cold.  The kind of cold where all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch tv.

Ready for a Garden Party

You may have thought I was joking when I said in my post here that I have been testing up a storm lately.  It was all true and to prove it I have two more patterns to show you that I recently tested from the amazing Kate of See Kate Sew.  I have a been a huge fan of Kates ever since sewing up the Recess Raglan from the Sew Fab Bundle last fall.  I was instantly hooked and made one of my favourite pieces of clothing for Sophie from that pattern, check it out here.