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Me Made May ’17: Week 2

Week 2 recap of Me Made May is finally here.  It has been a strange few weeks for my business which I will be sharing more about tomorrow on the blog, but I really wanted to recap every week since I am really learning so much about my clothes choices this month.

If you didn’t get a chance to read my recap from the first week of this years Me Made May you can read it here.  

Remix it Real Good

Am I the only person who read that title and immediately started singing Push it from Salt-N-Pepa?  Man I love that song 🙂

After seeing the remixed version of the Bellevue pattern that Haley of Welcome to the Mouse House did for the anniversary blog tour, I knew I had to have one as well.  It wasn’t until I got the most perfect heather blue terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics that I finally sat down and cut it out.  I already know this is going to be in constant rotation until May.


Remix the Stitch – Day 10

I can’t believe we have arrived at the final day of the Remix the Stitch blog tour.  Hosting a two week blog tour is no joke but based on the reactions from everyone it has definitely been worth all the work that was put into it.  I have had so much fun reading these blog posts along side all of you.  I can’t even begin to grasp the huge list of sewing projects that I now need to make just based on this tour.  I think I am going to round everything up tomorrow so that there is a great reference guide with links to all of the remixes by pattern for future reference.

Bellevue Tester Roundup

The build up to pattern testing is stressful, I have no idea how the pattern is going to be received and whether the fit is going to be so off that it will take multiple versions to get right.  But every time I test a pattern regardless of how many versions it takes my testers are always so patient with me and the process.  I love having a fresh look at my patterns and take the time to hear what they have to say because I am by no means an expert, I really rely on their sewing knowledge for ever pattern.

Modified Bellevue

As I am coming out of the fog of a 24 hour stomach bug I am reminded that my life is less than glamorous sometimes and I love that about my life, I could do without the stomach bug though.  Every morning I throw on my jeans that get worn far too many times between washes and the nearest shirt and my favourite pair of well loved moccasins.  If a necklace is within reach that goes on too.  I am pretty much a no fuss kind of girl and I really want my clothes to match that.

Comfort Meets Elegance – Bellevue

I am so excited to release this pattern that has been on my mind FOREVER!  I was in a bit of a pattern design/sewing funk through most of December and January but this pattern finally brought me out of it.  It turned out exactly how I wanted and ended up being even more comfortable than I imagined.

Introducing Bellevue!


Bellevue has a wide open neckline with two finishing options, either banded or faced, and four sleeve lengths.  I am a sucker for elbow length but the short sleeve is perfect as the weather is warming up.  The pattern is a mix of knit and woven with endless possibilities.

Bellevue Tester Call

It feels strange to be back here with a tester call.  I worked so long and hard on my last pattern, Capitol Hill, back in October that I knew I needed a little break from patterns to enjoy the holiday season.  We did just that and then managed to be sick for the next two months!  We are finally all healthy in the house and I feel like myself again which means I could finally sit down and draft this pattern that has been on my mind for many months.