Summertime as a Work at Home Mom

Every year we arrive in May with about a month left of school and I can’t wait for the day to day of getting to and from school to end.  But then before I know it school ends and I remember, as if I had parental amnesia, that summertime as a work at home mom is so far from the unstructured adventure I had imagined back in May.

The crazy thing is that every year I go through the same cycle and every year it surprises me at the end of June that I have to now squeeze my work in between playdates, swimming lessons and general craziness around my house.  What used to get done while they are at school and dance now has to be done with kids underfoot. Now don’t get me wrong, I love having the flexibility of being home with my two kiddos and also running my own business, but juggling those things with limited naps and the draw of sunny weather is a balancing act I never seem to figure out.

I guess all of this is to say that things are much slower around here over the summer, not because I don’t want to hang out and share with all of you every week but more because well, life!  If you have some amazing trick to managing summertime as a work at home mom I would love to hear it, until then the kids will be having mid day baths while I enjoy a nice iced coffee and try not to think about the work that isn’t getting done.

While you sit around waiting with baited breath for my next post 😉 Make sure to head over to instagram and check out the fabric destash sale I am having to clear out my inventory of fabrics from Stitch Kits.  All fabric is $9/yard and I will be covering shipping on any purchases of 5 yards or more.

Summertime as a Work at Home Mom


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  1. Abbey says:

    Kimberley, by the time I get paid next week, all of fabulous fabrics may be gone…. fingers crossed that you still have some available on Tuesday/ Wednesday…

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