Kids Clothes Week – Day 6

When I woke up this morning I was surprised and excited to see that Kids Clothes Week continued. I thought it was just through yesterday so it was a pleasant surprise to see posts this morning.  Gives me a chance to end on a better note than yesterday.

Some how Sophie remembers the piece of hello kitty remnant that I got about 6 months ago and occasionally asks me to make a dress for her.  There always seems to be another project that gets in line first and I never seem to make it for her.  Well this week she remembered it again and started asking me to make her a kitty cat dress every day.  So today became the day that I finally made her a kitty cat dress.  I spent quite a bit of time looking through my patterns to find one that would be the best for this fabric.  I wanted one that was going to really show off the cats but I didn’t have more than 3/4 of a yard so I was slightly limited.  I finally decided to do the Sally Dress by Luvinthemommyhood.

Here is the hello kitty fabric that was to be Sophie’s dress.


Since it seems like everything I have been making for her lately is pink so I decided to have red be the accent fabric for the bodice and pockets with the skirt being made of this fabric.

I had high hopes that I would sail through the pattern and everything would turn out perfectly and I would sit back an hour later with a cute finished dress and everyone would congratulate me.  Well maybe not that last part but I expected to do pretty well with this pattern.  Unfortunately for me I started by not really following the directions.  I am not really sure why I didn’t follow the bodice directions I think I just got into the swing of things and started assembling the bodice like I have other bodices.  Very quickly I knew something was wrong and figured since the bodice already was going to be way too big for Sophie I could just cut off what I had sewn and go from there.  Not always the best decision but I managed to scramble along for a bit until the bodice was assembled.


Not my finest work but I got it done and in the end once it was top stitched it looked pretty good.  You would never really know that my bodice is a bit of a mess inside because thankfully it is a fully lined bodice so no one is the wiser.

Next came pockets that came together and attached without incident which left me with gathering the giant skirt piece and attaching it to the bodice.  It came together relatively well but mostly was error on my part with the gathering stitch that slowed me down.  In the end the the dress turned out so great.  Cute Hello Kitty fabric but enough solids to not be too overwhelming.




Sophie was out on an adventure with Sean and his mom so my goal was to get it all sewn together while she was gone.  When I went to pick them up after lunch I brought the dress so I could surprise her since she didn’t know I was going to be making the dress.  As soon as I held it up she got a huge smile on her face and was hugging the dress telling me how much she loves kitty cats.  That moment right there made all the work worth it.


I was really impressed with this pattern.  The dress is easy to assemble (as long as you actually follow the directions) and such a fun look with the large pockets.  I look forward to making this pattern again with some organic monaluna or super cute Riley Blake I have, so many different options.

While today didn’t go entirely smoothly it was still a really great sewing day.  I made Sophie a very happy girl with her new kitty cat dress and I learned the importance of reading a pattern before sewing so you know what is going on and don’t just start sewing willy nilly.


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