Working to Get Better

I read a great article the other day that someone posted on twitter, Photography Tips for Sewing Bloggers found on the blog Lucky Lucille.  What struck me about this article from the start was her first tip:

Strive for progress not perfection

I am constantly trying to take the ‘perfect’ picture of my sewing projects or of my kids wearing something I have made for them.  I am still learning how to use my dslr and how to edit in Lightroom but I see all these other bloggers have such amazing pictures so I am constantly critiquing what I have taken.  But after reading this article I felt like I could just focus on having fun when taking pictures and not worry about getting the perfect shot because sometimes what you think will be a throwaway shot ends up being one of your favourites of the week.  I probably would have never gotten this picture had I not let her just dance away in front of the cement wall around the corner from our house.


There is no question in my mind that my pictures are improving and that is all I can hope for as I continue to learn more and take better pictures as a result.  But the reality is that sometimes clothes don’t turn out and kids don’t want to cooperate so I am going to have hit or misses when it comes to pictures but I want this space to be authentic so you will see some less than impressive pictures from time to time.  But like Rochelle of Lucky Lucy says it’s not about perfection but more about learning through trial and error and strive to get a little bit better with every photo you take.

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