Kids Clothes Week – Day 5

Day 5 was by far my biggest challenge which is actually quite funny considering all I was sewing was a t-shirt.  I think more of it had to do with Friday being a very busy day for me and still trying to squeeze sewing in.  I had done 4 days so far and I wanted to finish out the week strong but it quickly turned into just finishing the shirt.

Today was a great example of what a great equalizer sewing is.  No person who sews can tell you that every garment turns out and if they do they are lying.  We all have those times when your project has a little mistake that just requires picking the seams or we have the projects where you just have to scrap the whole thing because there is no way to salvage it.  Thankfully this wasn’t as extreme as scraping the whole thing but it definitely tested my patience.  And this was coming off of my sewing high from yesterday where I may have had the best sewing day ever.

For day 5 I decided to make the Vintage V-Neck by Blank Slate Patterns.  I have some great vintage jersey that I wanted to use for Sophie’s shirt but I thought I would whip one up for Benny first to try out the pattern.  My first mistake was chatting with my mother in law who is visiting while I cut the pattern.  When I went to go sew the neckline of the shirt I couldn’t figure out why it was so long, like really really long.  It wasn’t until I was cleaning up hours later that I realized I had cut it on the fold when I wasn’t supposed to.

As I read through the instructions I just couldn’t wrap my mind around how I was supposed to sew the front of the collar.  No matter how many times I looked at the pictures and read the descriptions I just couldn’t make sense of it.  At this point the kids are revolting and we are getting close to dinner time so I sewed it the way it made sense to me an called it a done.  Once I got over the collar I whipped the rest up in 10 minutes which was good considering the 20 minutes spent trying to figure out the collar at the start.


Here is my first completed Vintage V-Neck and overall I am happy with it but just looking at this picture I see all of the issues I had with it.  The pocket is giant, way too big for such a little shirt.  I am not sure if this is another mistake on my part or whether it is supposed to be this large.  I also think I need to adjust my tension on my serger because you can see the threads in my shoulders.  The definite good part is the double needle seam which makes it look so much more professional that what I used to do.

Although I was beyond frustrated with this pattern I am definitely going to try it again another day.  Maybe with more time on my hands and a little more patience to understand the collar step I think this shirt can come together really well.

So there you have it the conclusion of kids clothes week and what a week it has been!  Check back tomorrow for a recap of the week and what this week has done to inspire me going forward.

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