Countdown to Gift Guide – Kids Clothes

Oh Sweet Joy’s Handmade Holiday Gift Guide started today with some really amazing paper goods, you should definitely go check them out there are very talented people there today.  If you want a sneak peek of the amazing things being featured this week go check out Kim’s pinterest board.


As for The Nest Creations, we will be featured on Thursday with the other lovely handmade goods in the For the Littles section of the guide.

Since we have a few days until we are featured I thought I would give you a bit of a look at what sort of things you can find in my shop.


Kids clothes is definitely not the direction I ever thought I would head in.  Until last year I had never used a pattern to make a piece of clothing.  In fact I really hadn’t made any clothes at all.  At the time I was starting a business with a friend and she was really interested in sewing kids clothes so I thought I would give it a try to see what I thought.  All it took was a simple hoodie dress for Sophie and I was hooked.  I remember smiling from ear to ear in amazement that I had just made a piece of clothing that actually looked pretty good.

While the business with the friend didn’t work out it did give me a glimpse into something that I really enjoyed and could see myself continuing to do.  When I started The Nest Creations in October I knew the very first item in the shop would be a Geranium Dress because it was the first piece of clothing that I created that not only was an easy sew but looked so polished and professional when done.  It really is such a well written pattern.

From there I just started making clothes for Sophie and Ben and if I liked it and thought I would enjoy making it for other kiddos I added it to the store.  If the pattern just wasn’t right for what I was looking for I finished the clothes for the kids but decided not to add it to the shop.  There are so many different clothes patterns out there that it doesn’t make sense for me to use my time making something that I don’t enjoy.  Especially if I am taking time from my kids and husband to sew I need to love what I am doing.

There are definitely more girls clothes than boy clothes right now in the shop but I hope to remedy that over the next few weeks.  I am going to start trying out some of the boy patterns I have as well as checking out some pattern books from the library, specifically Sewing for Boys to see if it might be worth purchasing.  Boy patterns take more effort to find but there are some really amazing patterns to choose from.

How cute would this vest by Shwin Designs be in a plaid flannel.

So there you have it a quick view of the clothes portion of The Nest Creations.  Follow along on Twitter and Instagram to see all the new clothes hitting the shop in the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow and Wednesday to hear about some of the other amazing things I have in the shop.

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