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Makers Retreat – Indigo Dyeing

As a maker I can’t be tied down to just one form of making when there are endless ways to be creative.  I have always considered myself a hobby pickerupper (yes I made that word up) in search of the newest hobby that can take over my house and fill my creative brain.

If you pair this need to always have my hands making something with my absolute love of teaching and sewing you get the perfect recipe for a Makers Retreat.  So instead of searching out the retreat that might tick all of the boxes I was looking for I decided to just host my own.  For anyone who has been following me for any period of time or listened to my interviews on my podcast, A Coffee with Makers, you know this statement is a totally normal thing for me to say.

Velcro® Brand Toss Game

It is the week of kids stuff and I couldn’t be happier.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy sewing things for my kids, whether it is clothes or fun things for around the house.  When Emily of Nap Time Creations asked if I would join her Summer Fun Series I quickly signed up, what a great excuse to focus on my kiddos this summer and making something fun for them.  For my project in the series I decided to go with a fun VELCRO® Brand Toss Game that actually turned into quite the scrap buster.

Beach Treasures Necklace

Do your kids come home from the beach with pockets full of treasures?  To my 3 year old everything from a super small rock to a big shell are her treasures and they must all come home with her so she can sleep with them that night.  Yes my child puts them in a tupperware and sleeps with them.  Because obviously you sleep with your treasures.

While I was home sick nursing a nasty cold this weekend Sean and the kids headed up to Canada to visit Sean’s brother and sister in law.  They live right across the street from the beach so there were many treasures to be found.