Leschi Collar Tutorial

Sewing the collar on the Leschi top is actually quite an easy process, but when looking at the finished product most people would assume it is more difficult than it is.  Sometimes line drawings are just not enough, so I have put together a quick photo tutorial to walk you through the process of sewing the collar on the Leschi.

This tutorial picks up on step 11 of the instructions.  At this point you should have the collar piece sewn onto the blouse around the neckline with 1/4″ seam allowance.

11.  At the bottom of the neckline do not sew further down than the horizontal line created with the staystitching in step 1.

12.  Flip the blouse to the wrong side, you will be cutting through the front piece and not the collar.  Clip into the corner (marked with green line), but not through the stitching line. Repeat for other corner.

13.  Working from the right side of the fabric.  Press the collar seam allowance towards the shirt front.  Tuck the tails of the collar towards the wrong side of the shirt behind the rectangle of fabric created in step 12.

14.  Now tuck the rectangle of fabric towards the wrong side of the shirt.  It will end up between the shirt front and the collar tails.  To prevent any shifting, I recommend carefully pinning everything in place.

15.  Working from the wrong side of the shirt again, fold the shirt front down.  Sew the rectangle to the collar tails along the stitching line created in step 1. Make sure to not catch the shirt front to ensure a crisp edge.  Trim the collar to the length of the rectangle and finish all edges of the collar.

16.  Press the collar seam allowance towards the shirt and topstitch around the entire neckline with 1/8” seam allowance.


You are left with a crisp front collar!

I hope that the combination of the line drawings in the pattern and these photos give you the confidence you need to tackle the Leschi pattern.  Once you sew it I know you will be quite impressed with this new skill you have.

Next week I will be sharing all about how to sew a set in sleeve.  Another skill that feels intimidating, but once you try it you realize it’s not quite so hard.


  1. tinygoldenpins says:

    I’ve made two of these and I cannot believe how: adorable each is; how easy it was to sew; and how unscary the collar was. I have plans to make this as a dress, with long sleeves, out of wool, etc. I made it in rayon and the other in lawn and they’re both so flattering. I am in love with this pattern!!!!

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