Denim Turia Dungarees

 I was a lover of overalls in middle school in the 90’s.  But once I realized they weren’t exactly ‘cool’ I stopped wearing them.  And honestly haven’t thought about them in 20 years.

But then as trends and fads go, they started popping up in social media and I was mildly interested.  When I saw a fellow mom on the PTA board rocking a pair I knew I needed to make myself some.  So bad in October I ordered the Turia Dungarees paper pattern from Pauline Alice patterns and some of my absolute favourite cone mills denim from Threadbare Fabrics and started sewing.

You are probably wondering why you are just now seeing these dungarees if I sewed them in October, and no it’s not because I just never blogged them.  I was all set to blog them until I looked at the pictures I had taken and they just weren’t working as is, through no fault to the pattern I should add.

Not realizing when sewing them up but I needed a lot more room through the torso.  The straps were at the absolute very end and they were still riding up places no one wants pants riding up.  So I threw the dungarees in the in progress pile and forgot about them.  But then Sew the Year February came along and I decided to finally tackle them to either love them or move on from them.  Either way they wouldn’t be staring at me in my sewing room.

The first plan of attack was to narrow the legs slightly.  The pattern as written has really wide legs, which just wasn’t working for me.  I didn’t want skinny legs but I did want them a little bit smaller, and I am really happy with that change.  I went even narrower but felt a like this was more proportionate for my hips.

The next change was to add a waistband to the pattern.  Not only would this give me some definition for my waist but it would give me the added length through the torso I desperately needed.  I really just winged it but cutting the back piece at the same place as the front and putting a waistband in.  The belt loops were already a part of the pattern so now I had the room I needed, the definition for my waist and somewhere to add a pop of colour with a belt.  Win win!

The pattern as written had really really small pockets in the back, and there is no way that would have been flattering on my body.  So I went to my Birken Flares pattern and used those back pockets and the scale is perfection.

When I woke up this morning to snow I couldn’t believe it.  How in the world was I supposed to get pictures of my spring styled dungarees with snow on the ground.  So I did what any good blogger would and did not change my plan 🙂  This is how I am most likely to wear them through the spring so I might as well show you the real deal.  Swap out tank for tee and Birks for moccasins and you have my summer look.

I remember now why I wore overalls all those years ago, they are so comfy.  I know they will get lots of wear through the spring and summer.  I may even distress the legs for a different look, but I am still on the fence about that.


  1. Lynsey Welch says:

    You look fab in your dungarees, they really suit you. I like the idea of this trend but I think my chunky tummy would look maternity like, not a look I’m going for 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank you! I have gone back and forth so much over the last few months on whether or not I actually like how they look. I have finally arrived at yes, I like them 🙂

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