Upgrade My Momiform

When Lauren of Baste and Gather mentioned that she was going to be doing a blog tour focusing on a Momiform Makeover I was instantly onboard.  As moms we can oftentimes find ourselves in a rut, where we just throw on the closest thing that’s clean and even sometimes we settle for cleanish.  This blog tour gave me a chance to make something fun that would be different than what I normally wear, while still being something I will actually wear.  So as a way to upgrade my momiform from jeans and t-shirts or jeans with a Greenwood and Laurelhurst, I am being serious here I would wear that combination every day, I decided to make my own pants and a fun top.


While I had grand plans of sewing my own jeans for this tour, the reality of having my own blog tour right before this made that nearly impossible, that is if I wanted to sleep.  Since I couldn’t go totally crazy by sewing jeans, we can’t all be Lauren, I decided to go for a pattern that was right in line with that, the Jocole Skinny Pants.  I found some red mid-weight denim in my stash from Michael Levine that I have been hoarding for about a year and a half and knew it was perfect.

After a quick muslin of the pattern I found that I needed to fix some gaping in the back which is pretty standard for my body, but otherwise the fit was pretty good.  While I was originally going for a skinny pant, they ended up being more of a boyfriend jean and I sort of love it.  My wardrobe consists of skinny jeans right now so it is nice to have something that is a little different.  The only thing I am not totally sold on these pants is the fact that they have a yoga style waistband which makes me feel like I am wearing maternity pants.  But I think I can live with it because they really are super comfortable.

Upgrade My Momiform

Being the lovely hostess that Lauren is, she arranged for us to have the option of choosing from a huge list of designers for patterns to use in our look.  While I already owned the Jocole pattern above I really wanted to try the Cali Faye Gardenia dress pattern for the tour.  Since I have never sewn a Cali Faye pattern before I was excited to give it a try and trust me when I say all opinions are not swayed by the fact that I was given the pattern.

Upgrade My Momiform

Dresses are just not a part of my wardrobe because they really aren’t functional for me with two kiddos so I decided to mix it up and create a tunic with a hi-lo hem.  Holy moly you guys, I am in love!  It is so darn comfortable while still being stylish and easy to wear.  Those sleeves are great, and remind me of the sleeves on my Ravenna pattern, maybe that’s why I like them so much.

Upgrade My Momiform

The front bodice has a fun curved detail near the bust and then again where the gathered skirt attaches.  These details give it a feminine look without being too much.  I love the dark grey ponte that I got for this top because it gives it the perfect weight for fall.  I can definitely see this top worn with some leggings and black knee high boots.

Upgrade My Momiform

I am definitely happy with the way this whole outfit came together and I know that individually these pieces are going to be great additions to my everyday wardrobe.  Heck at this rate, I will be the best dressed mom at preschool pickup.

Upgrade My Momiform

Momiform MAKEover

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    • Kimberly Payne says:

      It’s a pretty fantastic top, I have actually worn it a bunch because it can be worn with so many different things. I wish it were your style too!

  1. Heidi says:

    You look so great!! I always love your accessories. I think I need to pick up some long necklaces… But then again, the baby would probably just get tangled up in them, ha. I really love that top and it looks amazeballs on you. I never thought of sewing it in ponte! I’m still trying to decide if it’s for my body type or not. And woot! With the red pants, love them!!

    • Kimberly Payne says:

      The top turned out exactly how I had envisioned and it helps that I am 5’9″ so a dress on most is a tunic on me 🙂 I am sort of obsessed with the same few long necklaces so I would bet if you looked at all my pictures they are the same necklaces, ha! I remember not wearing long necklaces for the longest time because of little hands, soon though you will get to wear them. When you do I highly recommend going to Forever 21, they are cheap and cute so if they get lost of broken it isn’t a huge deal.

    • Kimberly Payne says:

      I am so glad you like the length on the Gardenia, I sort of just winged it and it turned out exactly how I had imagined.

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