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Kids Clothes Week Round Up

What a week KCW was.  I had no idea when I started that it would be so much fun and be just the push I needed to start sewing regularly again.  I totally get it now why all of these amazing bloggers do this two times a year.

Not only was it fun to make my projects but it was so great to see everything that other people were making, so much inspiration for future sewing.  I already have a new list of clothes started that I want to try.

Kids Clothes Week – Day 7

For the final day of kids clothes week I decided to give my nemesis for the week, the Vintage V-Neck, another try.  Considering I had already cut two more out I figured it was worth a try when I wasn’t rushed and could do a proper job of it.  I also decided to read each step carefully before sewing so I didn’t miss anything important.

Well wouldn’t you know when you actually read the instructions and follow along with the pictures everything makes sense and you are left with some super cute v-neck t-shirts.

CRW_4568 CRW_4571

Kids Clothes Week – Day 5

Day 5 was by far my biggest challenge which is actually quite funny considering all I was sewing was a t-shirt.  I think more of it had to do with Friday being a very busy day for me and still trying to squeeze sewing in.  I had done 4 days so far and I wanted to finish out the week strong but it quickly turned into just finishing the shirt.