Kids Clothes Week Round Up

What a week KCW was.  I had no idea when I started that it would be so much fun and be just the push I needed to start sewing regularly again.  I totally get it now why all of these amazing bloggers do this two times a year.

Not only was it fun to make my projects but it was so great to see everything that other people were making, so much inspiration for future sewing.  I already have a new list of clothes started that I want to try.

When I was prepping for the week I planned to do one sewing project a day.  At the time it seemed like enough considering I have two little kids and lots of activities during the week but as the week wore on I wanted to do more every day than planned.  I found myself squeezing one more project in some days because I really was having fun.  Now I know for next time to plan a few pieces every day.

Here are some of the things that I made this week.

CRW_4261CRW_4334CRW_4488CRW_4568 CRW_4375CRW_4438CRW_4447CRW_4518

For a full recap of each item here are the weeks blog posts

Day 1 (Sleepy Robes) – Day 2 (Explorer Skirt) – Day 3 (Bimaa Sweater) – Day 4 (Recess Raglan Tees) – Day 5 (Vintage V-Neck) – Day 6 (Sally Dress) – Day 7 (Vintage V-Neck Take 2)

With a bit of bribery I managed to get the kiddos to take a few more pictures yesterday of some of the clothes that I never got  pictures of this week.  Its amazing what the promise of a piece of candy cane will do.

CRW_4612 CRW_4626 CRW_4594 CRW_4588

And for the best picture of the week.  When did my little girl grow up!


Already looking forward to next time…


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