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Modified Bellevue

As I am coming out of the fog of a 24 hour stomach bug I am reminded that my life is less than glamorous sometimes and I love that about my life, I could do without the stomach bug though.  Every morning I throw on my jeans that get worn far too many times between washes and the nearest shirt and my favourite pair of well loved moccasins.  If a necklace is within reach that goes on too.  I am pretty much a no fuss kind of girl and I really want my clothes to match that.

Turn a Bad Day Around

Being a stay at home parent to two kiddos under 4 can lead to some challenging days.  Some days I deal with it gracefully and then other days I am crying to my husband over google hangouts while he is trying to work.  Not a proud mommy moment but when it comes to naps I depend on them and the little bit of a break I get in a day.  Today was definitely one of the crying days when naps just weren’t happening.

Dress to Skirt Refashion

I am linking up today with Sew Much Ado and her We did it Wednesday post.  Check out all the other fun things people made today.  There is loads of inspiration to be had on her blog today.

When looking through my closet recently I came across a dress that was never in a million years getting worn again.  I would imagine that I am not the only person that has clothes like that.  At some point you bought it and liked it but then things change like your style or body shape and it no longer works.  You can always donate that clothing item but if it is a fabric that you like why not try to refashion it into something new for your wardrobe.