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The Rain Can’t Stop Me

Let me paint you a picture.  You get up in the morning and realize it is your one drop off day at preschool, there is 2 1/2 hours of freedom to be had in only a few short hours.  Perfect opportunity to do a quick photoshoot after dropoff.  So you get the kids fed and dressed then you put on your outfit do up your hair and makeup and head towards the door with all of your photography stuff and kids backpacks and jackets.  It isn’t until you walk out the door you realize not only is it a little cold but gosh darnit it is raining.

Perfect West Coast Accessory

I am pretty much convinced that there is no better place to live than the West Coast of the US and Canada.  Some may disagree (like my husband) but you really can’t beat the amazing weather we get.  Our Fall is crisp and clean with rain and grey to cuddle up and relax and our winter is cold without the snow but still the occasional beautiful sunny day.  The key for all seasons in this part of the world is layering and a great scarf can be used for at least three of the seasons.