The Rain Can’t Stop Me

Let me paint you a picture.  You get up in the morning and realize it is your one drop off day at preschool, there is 2 1/2 hours of freedom to be had in only a few short hours.  Perfect opportunity to do a quick photoshoot after dropoff.  So you get the kids fed and dressed then you put on your outfit do up your hair and makeup and head towards the door with all of your photography stuff and kids backpacks and jackets.  It isn’t until you walk out the door you realize not only is it a little cold but gosh darnit it is raining.

I am a Seattleite though so I decided the rain can’t stop me and off we went.  Thankfully a friend at preschool had a great location idea so I had a bit of cover.


This is the Olivia Jersey Wrap Dress by Named Clothing that I actually sewed up as a sample for Indiesew.  I wouldn’t normally sew a dress in this fabric because it is a little clingy, but I just knew the colour would look amazing in pictures.  And I was right 🙂


The construction of this dress is so great.  The finishing on the neckline gives you such a professional look and I just love the small pleats you put into the front of the skirt piece.  I think these details would be so lovely in a ponte as well.


Wrap dresses are definitely flattering on my body type, they accentuate my smaller waist and float over my curves.  The tights I wore underneath this dress were doing me no favours though 🙂


Overall I was really happy with how this dress turned out.  I think if I was to make another one I would choose a slightly heavier weight knit and maybe even size up in the skirt to give me just a little bit more wiggle room.  Definitely can’t blame a pattern for a less than perfect fabric choice.


Please tell me I am not the only person to pick fabric poorly sometimes.


  1. I love this color – it looks so great on you!! And mismatched patterns/fabric choices happen to all of us (I think it looks fine, but your comfort is most important!). And I’m so happy you think this would work in ponte, I’m making it in a pinkish purple ponte this weekend, and I was worried it might be better in jersey! Now I’ll just forge ahead! 😀

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