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Layer Me Up

Pretty much from September until May I am dressed in layers whether it is a heavy sweater and vest or a tank top and cardigan I always have multiple layers on.  Add a cozy scarf and my new favourite hat and you pretty much have my ‘uniform’ for the fall and winter.

While most of my closet is now handmade I still have quite a few pieces that have been around for YEARS.  Most can be found in the form of a cardigan, which could be argued is the best option for a layer, they can pretty much go over anything.  Because I tend to get warm in all my layers I usually wear a tank top under my cardigans, no one likes to have bunchy shirts in the sleeves of your cardigan either.

Pattern Mixing Like a Boss

I think the best outfits are when you don’t think about any fashion ‘rules’ and just grab things you want to wear.  Today I wanted to wear something different than I would normally ever wear and it just happened to be two completely different patterns, stripes and gingham, forcing me to do some pattern mixing like a boss!  And really they are both blue so it totally works!