Sewing Space

One of the first posts I did on this blog was showing you what my sewing space looks like.  Read what I had to say about my sewing space before here.

Here is a picture of what my sewing space looked like a until today.


I am not even sure how I ever got anything done in that space.  It was cluttered and overwhelming to say the least.  Usually I would end up at the dining room table cutting out fabric and ironing because I just didn’t have the space I needed to work.  Don’t get me wrong I am so happy there is a place in the house for me to work I just needed to get a bit of organization in there so I could be more relaxed when sewing.

Today was the day I finally got all my fabric out of the dining room and back into my sewing space, mostly because it was driving me crazy but also because we have guest coming today and it looked messy.

The space needed a bit of work before I could make room for more fabric.


I moved everything but the sewing machine and serger off the desk top by mounting some buckets on the wall to hold all my odds and ends.  then I moved all non fabric items off the shelves and into a dresser I am using for storage.  Lastly it required a reorganization of the fabric I had so I could make room for all new fabric.

Here is my new sewing space all organized and ready for me to work on my next project.


I realized while organizing things that I have an obscene amount of fabric.  I need to continue trying out patterns and using up as much of my stash as possible so I can add new fun fabrics to my collection.

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