Sewing Room

When I first started this blog I gave you a glimpse into my sewing space, which at the time was a table in the laundry room.  Make sure to check out how clean and organized that space was, as I cover my face in embarrassment.  I can’t believe I actually posted pictures when it looked like that.  I guess you can guarantee I will keep it real around here.

Thankfully I redeemed myself and posted again about my sewing area but this time with it all organized and clean.

I am so thankful that there was a space in our house that I could spread out a bit and find a home for my sewing machine and fabric.  There were some downsides to the space but not having to put my sewing machine away every night was worth it.

About 6 months ago it dawned on me that the spare bedroom that also doubled as a playroom for the kids was not getting used that often.  We have guests 7 or 8 times a year so it seemed a shame to have a space in our house that wasn’t really being utilized.  The kids rarely played in the room so why not move everything out and make it my sewing room.  Sean reluctantly agreed as long as there was space for the kids to play if they wanted to.

I am an incredibly impatient person so once the decision was made it didn’t take long for me to head to Home Depot and pick out wall and trim colours as well as accent colours for my desk and peg board.

Here is the colour palette I decided on.  Light and airy so when guests use the space it isn’t overwhelming but also some fun accent colours to make the space my own.


In an effort to keep all of my sewing gear contained to one side of the room I thought a peg board would make the most sense on the wall to hold all of my things.  The desk is just some wood from Home Depot that I had cut to size and then painted a few coats of purple to make it more fun.  I can’t pass up free furniture by the side of the road so when my mom saw this chair and then told me about it we had to go snag it.  A fresh coat of paint and new fabric on the seat and we were in business.

Originally I was going to add legs to the wood but while I was walking around Ikea trying and failing to keep my kids from running people over with the mini carts I saw these drawers and knew they would be perfect for the desk since I was limited on space for storage in the room.


Ikea was also really the way to go for accessories and baskets.  I found the magnetic strip, the green bin and the basket with the mason jars in it there.  Who knew their kitchen section could be so helpful.  The other metal containers came from Pick Your Plum.  I still have enough room on the board to add more thread organizers and other odds and ends that I need to have easy access to.


Thanks to a leftover Expedit bookcase from the playroom and a closet that wasn’t being used, I now had a place for my fabric.  After many many nights of folding my fabric around rectangles of cardboard I now had a mostly organized fabric stash.  How nice is it to be able to look in the closet and see what my options are for a project instead of having to comb through everything and then forgetting what I have in my stash.  Although once it was all organized I realized just how much fabric I really have, or more accurately my husband realized just how much fabric I have 🙂



After sewing standing up for about 2 years it has been such a great change to have my own space to sew that lets me spread out and sit down.  A fresh, clean and bright space to create has made all the difference.  I now really enjoy going in there when the kids are napping or once they have gone to bed and sitting down to sew.


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