Coffee Date 2

Thanks for joining me last week for our first Coffee Date, I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about the things that were going on for me last week.

Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and join me for another coffee date, there is lots to talk about this week.


If we were having a coffee date I would tell you that I couldn’t stop laughing when I turned from the computer to see this scene.  Just goes to show that if my kids are left to their own devices for me to do a little work on the computer, this is what I should expect to happen.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that there are days when I want to pull my hair out with frustration for these two.  But then I see how much fun they were having in the ‘snow’ and I just have to laugh and appreciate the time I get to spend with them every day.



If we were having a coffee date I would tell you that for the first time ever I have seen all of the movies nominated for Best Picture and I am really excited to watch the awards.  I feel really invested in the whole production because I took the time to see them all.  I have my picks so it will be fun to see if I am right.  Are you watching?


If we were having a coffee date I would tell you that I am OBSESSED with House of Cards.  Everyone was talking about the second season starting last weekend and so Sean and I thought we would try the first episode to see what we thought.  He thought ‘meh’ but I was instantly hooked.  I am now on episode 10 and still love it.  Only problem with this newest obsession is that my evening sewing has taken a hit because I just want to lay on the couch with a warm cup of tea and watch the show.


What would you tell me about if we were having a coffee date?  Are you obsessed with any shows or are your kids all kinds of trouble?  I would love to hear what your week as been like.


    • Kimberly Payne says:

      Welcome! Have you been watching it from the beginning? I love finding new shows so that I can go on a watching binge and watch a whole season in a week 🙂

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