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No Guarantee This is the Last

I am a creature of habit when it comes to sewing.  If I find a pattern that I love I will keep making it over and over in all the fabrics.  When I lengthened the Laurelhurst for my Fall Collection post, I discovered just how much I love that pattern, like so much I want to wear one every day.  The natural thing to do is sew up a bunch so that I can in fact wear one every day.

Sleeveless Ballard

I love when a pattern can be made as written but then also use it as a springboard to so many other looks.  I have felt from the beginning that Ballard is just that, a great pattern on it’s own but with endless possibilities.


When I was sewing a sample for the Ballard Stitch Kits we were in the middle of a ridiculous heat wave and the thought of putting on a 3/4 sleeve top to take pictures seemed like torture.  It was then I realized why not just make the Ballard sleeveless.  With a couple basic modifications to the instructions as written you are left with a totally different look.

Stitch Kits

I am so excited about todays release and I have my husband to thank for it!

I have a history of utterly and completely rejecting my husbands ideas and then shortly later realizing my error and seeing what a fantastic idea it was.  You can imagine how exciting something like car shopping is with me, and yes I should have gotten the van like he suggested but that’s a story for another day.