Remix the Stitch – Day 3

Thanks for joining me for Remix the Stitch – Day 3.  I really hope that all of the looks you have been seeing the last two days have helped you to see new and different ways these patterns could work for you.  I have already heard from a few people that said they hadn’t considered some of the patterns until they saw them remixed!!  That is exactly what I was hoping for with this tour!

Make sure to grab your copies of the patterns over in the shop so you can start sewing along with these amazing bloggers.

I have gushed about my friend Abby of Sew Much Ado on this here blog before, you can read all the lovey feelings I have for her here.  But what I haven’t mentioned before is that she is a kick butt pattern designer and sewist and such an encouraging friend.  She is just as sweet in person as she is here on the blog and I consider myself lucky to have her as a friend.  But I will say when she sent over this picture the other day I wanted to reach through the computer and shove her, why can’t my pictures be so fierce.

Over the summer when we got together for a swimming playdate with the kids we talked shop and she told me her ideas for remixing the Ballard pattern.  I knew that if anyone could do it, it was most definitely Abby and do you know what she pulled it off!  Those colours are so amazing together and I just can’t wait to see the front of this shirt.  It is just as much of a secret to me as it is to you, but I know it will be fabulous!!  Race over to Abby’s blog to get all the details on this look.

Sew Much Ado

Annika of Nah-Connection is a pretty big deal in the world of sewing and blogging.  She carved out a niche for herself by offering her blog in German and English and I think it has really payed off.  Annika is another one of the bloggers that has been around since the beginning, encouraging me every step of the way and we have had a chance to work on various things over the last year.  Keep an eye on her blog because she has some really fun things up her sleeve.

For her remix Annika took the Ravenna pattern and made it into a dress!  She left off the ruffles but kept the exposed zipper for a fun pop of colour.  What a modern take on the little black dress.  I can’t wait to read all about how she achieved this look.  Head over to her blog to get all the details.


Both of these dresses are perfect as we head into fall, so don’t miss your chance to get the patterns while they are on sale.

The final person to join us today is Melissa of Rebel & Malice and she is one of my testers extraordinaire.  She has helped me in testing the Bellevue, Laurelhurst and Greenwood and boy does she know what she is doing when it comes to sewing.  I love that she manages to juggle 5 kids, and still have time and energy to sew for herself and her kids.  She has such a fun and unique style that shows through in the garments she makes and I just love that.

Melissa’s remix is no different!  Here I thought the Ravenna already had a dramatic back, that was until I saw her birdcage back.  Holy moly that is going to look amazing on her, and what a fun fabric to make it out of.  There is no way I could pull this look off, but this just screams Melissa which makes me love it even more.  Head over to Rebel & Malice to get all the details on her remix.


Such amazing remixes for day 3!!

There is still a chance to enter your name to win the pattern bundle below.


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