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Sew the Year – February Recap

Yesterday I shared with you my sewing plans for March and so today I get to share my Sew the Year February Recap.

If you haven’t been following along with Sew the Year I recommend going back and reading all about it here.

In February I went really big and tried to focus my makes on items that have either been in progress or on my sewing radar for a long time.  This included 5 different projects and while I didn’t complete them all I am happy with the 3 I did make.

Bra Making

Watson Bra | Straight Stitch Designs | First Time Sewing a Bra 

When I decided to add a little bra making to my list of sews for Sew the Year February I was nervous it was going to be a bit of a disaster.  I mean, I have been putting this pattern off for 2 years, so it must be a hard as I had built it up to be in my head.  Even my husband was a bit skeptical that I was sewing a bra.

Sew the Year – February

With no specific plans for the month that would dictate my sewing I decided to take Sew the Year February as a chance to tackle patterns that have either been sitting around partial finished or patterns that just never seem to get cut out.

We all have mental or written lists of patterns that we want to work on and in many cases even have the fabric and notions.  But for whatever reason those projects just sit untouched.  The flip side is the patterns that are a work in progress.  For me the works in progress usually have something that bothers me to the point of knowing I will never actually wear them.