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Remix the Stitch – Peplum Montlake

When I celebrated my first businessiversary in 2015 I compiled a HUGE blog tour highlighting some pretty fantastic bloggers.  If you weren’t around then, I highly recommend going back and checking it out.  So much inspiration. Full Collections of Posts Here

The theme of the blog tour was Remix the Stitch, where the bloggers took one of my patterns and remixed it any way they wanted.  The end result was a huge collection of pattern hacks, so many I never would have thought of.

Montlake Neckline Alternative

The neckline binding on my Greenwood pattern is still one of my favourite finishes for knit, I use it any chance I get.  I love how clean it looks and definitely has the RTW look that many sewists want out of their handmade garments.  As I was putting together the paper pattern for my Montlake pattern I realized I needed to add a couple pages so that I wasn’t forced to have blank pages within the pattern booklet.  So not only are the people who buy the paper pattern going to get this information but I also wanted to show all of you a Montlake neckline alternative.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to sew up my favourite tee with my favourite neckline finish.

Wedgwood Invisible Zipper Modification

When I first gathered my testers together in the testing facebook group I knew ideas and suggestions were start flowing.  This may make designers cringe but I love getting feedback from sewists on what they like and don’t like about a pattern, because they really do represent a great mix of the people that will eventually be buying the pattern.  One of the first suggestions that started swirling around was the ability to modify the pattern to include an invisible zipper, while I think an exposed zipper is wonderful not everyone agrees.  The idea stuck and so today I am sharing with you my Wedgwood invisible zipper modification.

Uploading Photos from Your PC to Instagram

Uploading Photos from Your PC to Instagram

Uploading photos from your PC to Instagram can be frustrating to say the least.  There are many third party programs out there that advertise the ability to upload photos to Instagram from your computer, but after trying many different ones I just never found one I liked.  They were either always buggy or the interface annoyed me.

About 6 months ago I figured out a really easy system for doing it and I am finally sharing it with all of you.  It does require a couple different steps but now that things are set up and it is a habit I don’t even think twice about it.  All of these steps were done on an android phone so there is a chance that the steps might be slightly different on an iPhone.

Dude Just Print It

Today was a huge aha moment for me, as Oprah would say.  No it wasn’t about the perfect pattern design or some new program that will revolutionize the indie sewing pattern world, it was something much more vital to pdf patterns.

I figured out how to print my pdf patterns on my HP printer without the bottom 1/4″ being cut off!!  Super exciting right?!

Beach Cover Up

Summer is in full swing here in Seattle and at this rate it isn’t going to ever end, like ever!  Just kidding but goodness it has been a hot summer and anyone else who is from the Northwest can attest that this weather is nutso.

Since we are sure to have many more beach days I decided to run with that idea of a beach cover up for my guest post over at Make It & Love It.

Knits Are Not Created Equal

In a perfect world you wouldn’t have to think about stretch percentages and fabric content when working with knits.  You could grab any knit from your stash and it would work the same as all the other knits when making the same pattern.

Unfortunately that isn’t the case, many times you have to make some adjustments to a pattern even when the fabric you are working with is one of the listed fabrics.  What it comes down to is that all knits are not created equal.

Obsessed and Okay With It

I have what some would call an obsessive personality.  For the most part that is good.  I find something I like or am interested in and then I am all gung ho.  I research and plan and research and plan and eventually either that thing happens or I move onto something new.

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the first part of the week I was obsessed with leggings, if you don’t follow me you really should my life is totally interesting :).  I loved the pair I made so much I wanted to sew through my whole stash of knits making leggings.  I made two pairs but already have 3 more fabrics lined up to make more.  They are just so comfortable and I know something I will wear all the time.